Wedding Bouquets: Two stylish options

Here's a post to begin this week as fresh as flowers.
Are you planning a wedding or just dream of it?
I your answer is YES, then this post may be very interesting for you!  

Flowers for wedding decorations
Wedding bouquets are always used as decorations in order to symbolize the sacredness of marriage between bride and groom. The way how the bouquet smells and looks like, its color, form, choice of flowers are those things of what in a great part the reception area and good ambience depend. No marriage reception from guests is complete without a good wedding and bridal bouquet. Thus, before choosing a proper decoration for your wedding celebrating hall and especially for the bridal bouquet, you should think twice what color, flowers and amount would look the best. 

Red roses
Roses are the best flower option for any couple wishing to express love and passion to each other. Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant, the rose tends to be the most popular wedding flower. Roses have earned their popularity by being so diverse, affordable, attractive-looking and fragrant. The different rose colors often mean different things and feelings. For example, a red rose, just like shown here, represents love, a white rose means purity, and a yellow rose means friendship and caring. Many brides and wedding planners arrange table settings and boutonnieres with red roses because this very flower of this very color seems to be the most ardent and passionate out of entire range of flowers. Besides, if you have some red details on your dress, like a broom on waist for example, red rose bouquet will make your wedding gown look even more attractive and eye catching.

Tulips are usually associated with spring, joy and rebirth and symbolize hope and new beginnings. Many people don’t even know that tulips also have a long history of representing love by all means. Just like roses, various colors of tulips have different meanings. While tulips are mostly popular for pastel colors and are often associated with Easter feast, they actually have far wider choice of colors. This diversity makes it so easy and fun to choose right tulips for different beach wedding ideas just like beach wedding, or to make a tulip the core of the bridal bouquet or flower decoration for the dining table. 

Which are your favorites?
My favorite flower of all times are the tulips!

Have a great week,


Youth H2O: Another beauty product you should have!

 About two weeks ago I finished trying the new Age Defying Energy Shot: Youth H2O.  They sent me a box before the official launch so I could try it first and be sponsored by them.  This product launched on September 5th and it's a new alternative to look and feel younger. This is a daily caffeine free drink made with organic super-foods that adapts to your body's needs.  

Today I'm sharing my experience with this drink by 
letting you guys know the pros and cons I found while trying it!

- The bottle size is cute and perfect to carry anywhere.

- I suffer from migraine and while I was drinking Youth H2O, I had none! 

- More energy during the day.

- Helped me focus and concentrate.

- Actually, my face looked rested and brighter. 

  - The after-taste isn't delicious, but it is okay to drink very cold with some ice or mixed with some juice.
- Maybe it has nothing to do with the product, but I felt very hungry after drinking it.

- Heavy on an empty stomach, so accompany it with some snack or lunch.


Three simple, yet effective body grooming tips

 We only have one body so it deserves to be looked after. Whilst it is fairly easy to get out of shape and let the condition of our bodies plummet on a downhill spiral, the good news is that getting our bodies back into tip top condition need not be as difficult as we think.
Take a look at the following three simple, yet effective grooming tips to achieve a body that is in top condition:

1) Cleanse the skin with oil
A really effective way to cleanse the skin is by using oil, particularly if you are over the age of 30, a time at which your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and begin to sag. Place a tiny drop of either sunflower or almond oil onto your face, neck and eyelids and gently rub the oil in. Leave the oil to penetrate deep into the skin for a couple of minutes then remove it with a facial sponge or damp cotton wool. 
Remember to pay attention to your hands and neck too. Skin in these areas is often neglected and can be a real giveaway of your age. Keep these areas moisturised and clean to reduce signs of ageing. 
To achieve a body that is in tip top condition, you need to give the whole of your skin the same tender loving care you give to your face. Ensure therefore that you use oil on the whole of your body and not just your face and neck. 

2) Moisturize regularly
Johnson’s Beauty body care tips will remind you of the importance of never forgetting to moisturise your skin. Whilst you should not over-moisturise your skin (this can undermine your skin’s capacity to remain taut), it’s important to moisturise the skin on your face and body daily to keep it well hydrated, soft and supple. Use a moisturiser that is specifically designed for your own personal skin type, helping you to give your natural complexion a boost. 

3) Bright eyes
Our eyes, similar to our skin, can reveal a multitude of sins. Maintaining bright eyes can help us look younger, more radiant and oozing in vibrancy and optimism. One way to achieve bright eyes, even if you’ve missed out on sleep and are feeling the effects, is to apply cold milk to your eyelids with cotton wool every morning. 



Inspiration: Fall for New York

Fall for New York

So yeah, I'm gonna be in my favorite place in the world once again.  Going to New York next month!!!  I'll spend that weekend in the city, but I'll be visiting New Jersey to see a concert.  I prepared a fall combo I have in mind for that long day traveling in train and going back to the city late at night.  

My inspiration is all about...

[ fall colors (neutrals) ] 

[ cute, but comfortable wedge boots ]

[ tights instead of jeans, with some warm (wool) shorts ]

[ a coat that is actually warmer than the one featured here 
(I just wanted to emphasize the color and shape) ]

[ a crossover bag with many pockets for all the things I will carry on that day ]

[ not-so-warm top, because is probably going to be hot inside the stadium ]

[ yellow scarf for the pop of color ]


Trend-ish. Icon of October: Alexa Chung

  Some people follow trends, others are trendsetters. 
When somebody says classy style, I think of pencil skirts, neutral colors, little black dresses, red pumps, Chanel bags and... Alexa Chung.  This British model and TV presenter really knows how to express herself through style.  I describe her fashion taste as chic/classy/rocker.  Alexa also has the talent to impress everybody with her appearances since 2007, because she's so versatile and unexpected in her outfits.  She is frequently called "best dressed" by many fashion magazines and is always present in important runway shows.  Alexa is the perfect trend-ish icon of this month!

[ images via Pinterest ]



My Glam: September

This is one of my least favorite boxes since I got MyGlam.  The cosmetic bag is strong and elegant, but the contents inside didn't impress me as much as the past months.  One of the reasons may be that I don't get impress by small-sized products and that I don't like lip-gloss (especially pink).

Inside the box:
1. Circus Nail Polish
2. Mirabella eye-shadow
3. Jane Lip-gloss
4. MONOI Repairing split and sealer
5. London Soho New York Smudge Brush

Box highlights:
[ I ADORE hair products, so this is definitely a plus.  
The smell is deliciously warm and makes my ends look shiny. ]

[ This matches my cosmetic bag because they are the same brand.
I can't stop using it.  It makes it so easy applying light to my eyes in the mornings.
Soft, big and cute! ]

[ It looks like pink, but the real color is intensely purple.
I'm not a fan of this color, but now I have the entire Circus collection! ]

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