Outfit: "From Paris with Love"

Hello lovelies!
I know I haven't blogged for an entire month, but here I am again.
Where have I been?  I was in Europe for 19 days
The rest of the month?  Post-vacation blues. Haha... I'm serious.
   Was I thinking about my followers while traveling? OF COURSE!
That's why I have some outfits & shopping pictures to post.

 I'm going to start with an outfit post that was made in Paris, France.  
Paris was one of my favorite cities in Europe, besides Venice, Italy (which is uniquely amazing!).  These pictures were taken while heading to the Eiffel Tower during our second day in the city.  It was very cold (winter weather), so my clothes were warm and comfortable enough for an entire day walking and discovering new places.

 From head to toe:
Headband: Local store in Madrid, Spain (city before Paris)
Scarf and tights: Forever 21
Coat: Victoria's Secret
Boots: DSW Shoe Warehouse

Modeling for the blog (haha):

You can see the Eiffel Tower getting closer!

 Louvre Museum:


 After visiting the Louvre Museum:

Until the next post!
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