"No matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you'll never get through it without your friends." 
-Carrie Bradshaw, Sex and the City 

[Photographer: Pablo Díaz - Innovart Studio]
[Models: Me, Diana, Adilén & Desiree = Friends]


Soft Violet

I just finished my pedi/mani with my brand new Essie Nail Polish.  I've never try this nail polish before & I'm really excited to see how much time it lasts.  I chose the color 'Lilacism' and I love how sweet and soft it is.  If it turns out to be a long-lasting nail polish, I CAN'T WAIT to try all the other colors!

Color Cravings:
'Absolutely Shore'




Ulalaaah... they have some style !

So I was thinking to myself: If I were a man, what would I wear? A few names came to my mind and I realized I had to share some pictures from these hot/stylish stars.  Each one of them has a very unique and different look, but they all are...

1. Hayden Christensen: The Man of my Dreams

2. Bruno Mars: The Vintage Bohemian

3. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: The Preppy Cutie

4. Ashton Kutcher: The Rocker Joker

5. Justin Timberlake: The Cool Dancer

6. Ryan Gosling: The Retro Romantic
7. John Legend: The Urban Look


Wild & intense

I'm not an animal print lover, but my mom [an animal print addict], gave me this Aldo purse days ago and I can't deny the attraction I felt for it.  I used it for the first time yesterday and I think it's so comfortable, stylish, fierce and combines with almost any color!  It also combines with my co-worker's adorable puppy named "Duke", as shown below.


A week behind & a long weekend ahead

This week was  the first one in May in which I felt a little better from having a bad cold, but it was very rainy and dark outside.  Wednesday was not my day at all, but I also put some effort this week on getting to know how Pandora Radio works and finally got it & love it!  I can't work without hearing some music and now I don't have to be changing CD's constantly. Yay!


One of my favorites bloggers: Stefanie, from Steffys Pros and Cons
I'm a big fan of tights, cardigans & stripes... what else can I say?

Blog Post:

Comment on my blog:
That is so true =). Happiness can make a person look 5 years younger I believe. Endorphins are released, the person feels good, and... I'm getting all biologically nerded (i'm a bio major in university).

Loves the quote!
xo, Chide  

That was Woreout's comment for this post :)


One friend showed me this video yesterday and I loved all of J.Lo.'s outfits!  She's just so sexy, but chic at the same time.

I'll be taking the last class from my masters degree until July and there's a lot of work to do, so is not that I'll have ALL the weekend for me, but I'll make sure to have some fun AND go shopping!



New York, New York !

I was born in this fashion/fun/eccentric/alive city... New York.  But I live in Puerto Rico since very little.  Last December I went to visit the city that watched me open my eyes for the first time and I enjoyed all of the magic in it.  Puerto Rico is a warm and tropical island in the Caribbean, so the cold weather and all of the extra clothing it involves was such a new experience [in the fashion aspect] for me.  Today I'm remembering those moments, so I want to share some of my fave pictures from that trip.

what a view!

first day & i'm sooo ready
that Victoria's Secret sweater felt so cozy on that cold weather

w/ my fave band @ Madame Tussauds Museum.. sorry Ringo :(

 a red coat never goes wrong on Christmas time<3
i could build a house here.. Times Square!!!!!


Let the sunshine in


Yesterday I bought two hand-made bracelets from one of my co-workers.  Even though I was one of the last ones to check out her merchandise and that only 5 were left from the bunch she brought days ago, I felt an instant attraction for these two. The orange & yellow reminds me of sunshine and summer nights.  
And we are pretty close to summer season!



Happiness = Beauty

"Happiness is the secret to all beauty; there is no beauty that is attractive without happiness"
-Christian Dior

[Photographer: Pablo Díaz - Innovart Studio]
[Model: Diana Otero] 


I have a crush on you & you & you too...

The best thing about Forever 21 shoes is not only the variety and beautiful styles they have online, it's the price!  Plus, they have an expensive look on them even though they are not.  I currently have a crush on the styles above. In my case it's better to visit the store, because the shipping + tax = almost $20 for Puerto Rico.  So wish me luck cause I'll be going pretty soon!

1. As you may have noticed in my other posts, I have an addiction for Vintage pieces.  These shoes are like a dream come true.  They combine the retro touch with contemporary wedges.  Not to mention they look so comfortable.

2. I know 'combat boots' are 'in' now, but I'm short and I may look kinda' weird in them.  Well here is my solution: some heels.  These 'combat boots' with heels look so cute and trendy!

3. What can I say? They're just perfect!

4. These flats are so adorable.  They have such a spring feeling in them and I bet they will go perfectly with a creme short skirt or romper.


Summer-ish shoes

Last Friday I received my first pair of shoes from Shoe Dazzle  and I absolutely love them!

the beautiful package

yeap, still wearing the sally hansen nail strips!


Cannes 2011: Pure Couture

Del 11 al 22 de mayo, se ha estado llevando a cabo la edición número 64 del festival anual de filmes más prestigioso del mundo: Festival de Cannes 2011Esta celebración trae consigo el glamour de siempre por parte de algunas de las estrellas de Hollywood y este año he quedado maravillada con ciertos atuendos.  A continuación mis favoritos.

Cheryl Cole - i believe in classy/vintage sexyness
Freida Pinto - going short, why not?
Sarah Jessica Parker - spring-ish elegance
Clemence Poesy - sweet & fresh
Rachel McAdams - a piece of art
Jude Law - how could i ignore this hottie?

[Photos from: NDTV & New Idea Magazine]


Work runway

Cuando era pequeña pensaba que una mujer profesional debía vestir con blazer, zapatos cerrados y el cabello recogido.  Por tal razón, soñaba con verme como toda una ejecutiva cuando fuera grande.  Finalmente, terminé siendo una profesional que trabaja en una oficina donde el código de vestimenta no es tran estricto, por el contrario es muy relajado.  Pantalones de tela, una blusa bonita y plataformas no muy llamativas es lo que se necesita.  Es por eso que no hago tanto esfuerzo a la hora de vestirme en las mañanas.

Pero muy en el fondo sueño con ciertos estilos, que no son precisamente los que imaginaba cuando pequeña, pero que dan un toque sofisticado y elegante a la mujer profesional.  Soy fan #1 de las combinaciones de ropa de trabajo que vende Victoria's Secret.  Cuando recibo el catálogo, la parte a la que siempre salto a ver es la de Suiting¿Quién dijo que los colores básicos son aburridos para ir a trabajar?

 Color crema

Color negro


Fashion is...

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.  Fashion is the sky, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." 
-Coco Chanel


Moda a lo local

Junto con el segundo aniversario de Le Menina se sigue cumpliendo el sueño de la empresaria y adicta a la moda: Joelis Cintrón
Joelis Cintrón nació el 29 de mayo de 1986 en el Hospital Hermanos Meléndez de Bayamón, Puerto Rico.  Desde niña soñaba con seguir los pasos de su padre y tener un negocio propio.  Estudió en la American Military Academy desde kínder hasta duodécimo grado e hizo un bachillerato en Mercadeo de la Universidad Interamericana de Bayamón.  Inició una maestría con concentración en Gerencia de la Umet en Cupey y le faltan 7 clases para culminarla.

Comenzó vendiendo ropa en la calle durante 1 año y medio.  El 8 de junio de 2009 se cumplió el sueño de Joelis al abrir un negocio propio en la Ave. Main Santa Rosa, Bayamón.  Le Menina tiene disponible ropa, accesorios, calzado y carteras a la moda.  "Sueño con el día de la apertura de la segunda tienda en la Carr. 167 en Bayamón. Quiero seguir trabajando duro para dar a conocer Le Menina y lograr aumentar la clientela", comentó Joelis.

El próximo sábado, 11 de junio se va a llevar a cabo un Wine and Cheese en la tienda con motivo de celebración por su segundo aniversario, donde las clientas van a poder disfrutar de un 15% de descuento en toda la mercancía.  Y yo, por supuesto, no pienso faltar.

Le Menina Boutique
Joelis con ropa de Le Menina
01 09 10