Review: Pantene Repair & Protect

Remember [ this ] post?
Guess what? I'm back for the review!

I don't know about you, but hair products scents drive me crazy. I adore smelling them in stores and it is  actually a very important factor in my purchase. Pantene ALWAYS smells so good and this was no exception. But the most important are the results, right? This review was made with an entire month usage of the product.

Shampoo + Conditioner


1. Immediate repair to my ends 
with only a couple of washes.

2. Very creamy!  
So rich, it makes foam with just a little amount. 

3. Soft wet hair. 
One of the most annoying things about brushing my wet hair was untangling it. 
But with this conditioner, my brush just slides down!

4. Stronger roots.
My hair looks healthier and shinier.

NO cons.

Overnight Miracle


1. Not greasy!
At first I thought: shampoo + conditioner + night cream = greasy hair next morning.
NOT!  It absorbs perfectly and looks completely dry after application.

2. Frizz under control.

3. Extra scent. 
All products have the same scent, so your hair will strongly smell good.

NO cons.

This is my natural hair, no blow-dryer or flat iron.
The only products used: the ones reviewed in this post. ;)

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