My March Birchbox

THIS is the box.  Completely worth the $10.  Very appropriate for my birthday month.  
This box was filled with cute/useful/good size products.   My box highlights were the nail polish and the green teas.  I've been wanting to start a green tea habit for a long time now and finally I had the opportunity "for free".  Even though I have a very similar nail polish color from Essie [ see here ], I wanted to try this Color Club brand.  The hair powder works as a dry shampoo, but it isn't as good as the spray ones like Klorane and Pssssst!  I'm waiting to have a good night out to use the eye shadows and also waiting for the little Spring vacation on April to use the nail polish.  About the face wash, it works great but it smells kinda bleh.

Inside the box:

 [ one of the green teas - my favorite flavor ]


Guest Post: Feeling Beautiful Despite Cancer

By: Jackie Clark

When you are diagnosed with cancer, it is easy to feel as if you are no longer the vibrant, beautiful women you always have been. Instead, you may feel as if you have been given the label "cancer patient." Inside, however, you know that you are still the same person. Don't give in to cancer and let it bring you down. Instead, make an extra effort to look and feel beautiful. When you dress carefully and take care of your appearance, you will feel stronger and more powerful. Having a positive outlook can help you conquer cancer.

The first step is to dress carefully. Don't give in to the temptation to put on your old sweatpants and that plain t-shirt just because you are ill. When you look run down, you feel run down, and in the long run that can make you less able to fight cancer such as mesothelioma. Instead, put on your favorite jeans or your new skirt and add that pair of designer heels that you saved for. Put on a blouse or top that flatters your coloring. People should notice you, not the illness, and if you take care to dress nicely, your beauty will shine through.
If you are undergoing treatment, such as chemotherapy, and you have lost your hair, put on a flattering wig. Maybe you have always wanted to have lustrous auburn hair or be a mysterious brunette. Now is your chance to try on different looks. Alternatively, a fashionable headscarf can not only set off your outfit, but look modern as well. If you prefer a bolder, daring look, bare your baldness as a badge of courage. After all, some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood have shaved their locks for films. You can do the same and make a real statement.

Don't forget the little details, such as your makeup. These finishing touches can make a difference between a polished appearance and a half-finished look. Just like experimenting with wigs and scarves, you can try a whole new look with your makeup. If you usually go neutral, try bolder colors. Try on the brightly colored eye shadows that are currently in style and put on some lipstick or lip-gloss in a fashionable color.

If you haven't tried getting a manicure or wearing acrylic nails, now may be a good time to go to a nail salon and try them out. Manicures are an inexpensive way to keep your hands and nails looking their best, and acrylic nails will stay glossy and strong even through the worst of your illness. Caring for your hands and nails may be just the boost that you need to brighten your spirits.

Beauty and fashion can be powerful allies in your quest to beat cancer. Every woman needs to feel attractive, especially when she is going through a difficult time. Paying attention to how you dress and present yourself can restore your confidence and help you to maintain your positive outlook, which is essential for your recovery.


Inspiration: Bright-Colored Jeans

Inspiration: Spring Jeans

Inspiration: Spring Jeans by trend-ish featuring denim skinny jeans

 This weekend I got my new bright-colored pants for this Spring season: a pair of skinny turquoise jeans.  Thinking about how to combine them, what came to my mind was black and white (so me, right?).   We want the jeans to be the main focus, so what you need to do is keep it simple with a cropped white tee, a sober black bag and some ballerina flats.  As you can see in the combo I made above, this match will look good with any of the trendy colors of the season.  Of course, that is unless you want to color-block, which is not my favorite trend.

How would you combine 
your bright-colored pants?


First Week of Spring

Last Tuesday was the first day of Spring.  Are you excited?  I'm not.  Why?  Because Spring bring flowers, with flowers comes pollen and with pollen comes my chronic allergies.  Anyway, the colors outdoors are so beautiful to photograph and watch for hours, even the clothes and accessories are so fun and cute.  Let's talk about nail polishes.  Enough of black, blue, gray, maroon, brown and all of the dark shades that are so trendy in Fall & Winter time.  Let's have fun with colors!!!  I started with this new line called Candy from Bettina and the color is Green Apple.

Cheers for the new season!
have a great weekend,

ps. it is so rainy here


Ladylike Trend: The Peter Pan Collar

There are a few things to choose if you really want to look girly and ladylike.  For example, you can go for the catty eye liner, pearl earrings, pleaded skirt, stilettos or just the new collar trend.  Just like I said in this post, vintage pieces are girlier in my opinion.  Lots of trends today have to do with man-ish stuff like oxfords or boyfriend pants.  One should always add a little woman-ish detail to the outfit so we feel a little more flirty and flattering.  Again, that's just my opinion.

Last weekend I wore my new peter pan collar top from Zara.  I felt so comfortable and delicate with this chiffon/cat print/sheer/full of details blouse.  There are a four options to use the collar style: 1) top; 2) dress; 3) as accessory; 4) DIY.  Now I'll show you my new top and other ways to wear this fashion and cute extra piece.

1. Peter Pan Collar Top:
[ yes, that's me looking kinda emo in the picture above.. FAIL! ]

2. Peter Pan Collar Dress:
 [ image source: Google Images ]

3. Peter Pan Collar Necklace:
 4. Peter Pan Collar DIY:
 [ see tutorial via Fashionising.com ]

 How would you wear this trend?



The right way to start the week...

  "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm Possible'".
- Audrey Hepburn

[ image source: Google Images ]


Having Fun with Mud

Not exactly, is just my nails.  My nails look like I've been playing with mud after my latest manicure and I love them!  Guess the brand and owner of this new nail polish... CORRECT! L'ORÉAL/my mother's.  She bought another two bottles of L'ORÉAL Nail Color, but this time was 2 x $10.00!  I have to try both colors and I'm starting with this subtle/creamy/matches-everything tone.  It's called Walk on the Beach.  I think this line is even better than Essie or Opi because it lasts so much longer.  If it wasn't for the nail growth I wouldn't have to change my manicure for an entire week!



Outfit: Neon Fest

Day #2 of my birthday weekend started with my boyfriend, best friends, some margaritas and guacamole @ 9:00p.m.  Can a birthday night get any better than that?  YES!  It seems like I wasn't the only one thinking in color-blocking, since all of my girlfriends arrived with different colorful outfits.  We looked like a Crayola box (see last photos).  I had so much fun and felt so comfortable in my outfit, even though I told you I'm not a fan of the rainbow thing a few days ago.  I'm sharing some of my favorite photos...

 Top: Old Navy
Skirt: Local boutique (VeriGaona)
Shoes: Carlos Antonio

[ me and my girls adding some color to my b-day night ]

 [ neon girls ]
My Purse: Valija Gitana


Outfit: Vegas at Work

So I'm back from my spectacular birthday weekend.  I have lots of pictures, but I'm starting with day #1: Vegas Friday at Work.  The girls surprised me with a Vegas theme birthday, a very cute cake and a gift card from SEPHORA!!!  Tomorrow I'm gonna show you everything from day #2: Color-Blocking Saturday Night Out!

 Poncho: Local boutique
Jeans: American Eagle
Shoes: Hectic
Jewelry: Pandora & hand-made by a friend

[ flowers delivered @ office from boss ]




My birthday weekend has just begun!

 "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."
- Abraham Lincoln

[ image via Google Images ]


Guest Review: Crème Gel Eye Liner by Revlon

  The retro 50's eye makeup is ideal for any occasion, as it has a romantic air while it has a flirtatious side. You can play with the width of the line and that gives you the opportunity to determine how dramatic the look will be. After testing various liquid eyeliners, I found this Crème Gel Eye Liner by Revlon. From the moment I used it, I fell in love with the product.

cheap [ $9.99 ] / waterproof / long-lasting / brings the brush / variety of colors
none so far.

 [ photos: Pablo Díaz from Innovart Studio ]
[ today's post and girl in photos: my friend Diana ]
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