Love Makes The World Go Round

This may be the corniest post I can possibly make, but blogging is about expressing yourself, right?  Being a fashion blogger has changed my life.  Not only I have a new fabulous hobby and I'm practicing for my future/dream job, but I'm meeting so many amazing people/bloggers that share the same passion than me.  I love meeting new people and I've met people from around the whole world through this blog.  This is a huge learning experience and I hope to meet all of you in person someday.

I'm sharing some pictures I took real quick before leaving my house last Friday.  I just love the message on my blouse, plus it has stripes, which I love.  "Love makes the world go round", yes it does, sir.

[ my signature pose, but tired looking ] 

Blouse: Forever 21
Bag: Charlotte Russe

  Love you all!


Review: Klorane vs Tresemmé

Remember [ this ] post?  Well, as much as I liked Klorane Dry Shampoo, I also had to try the popular one: Tresemmé Dry Shampoo.  So I got it for approximately $4.00 at Walgreens and used it for the first time last Tuesday. 

Smell:  Hair spray-ish [ - ]
Residue: Gets dry quickly and disappears when touched [ + ]
Clean appearance: Leaves hair like it was just washed [ + ]
Size: Medium [ - ]
Price: $13.00 - $15.00 [ - ]

Smell: Shampoo-ish [ + ]
Residue:  Sticky and hard to remove white residue [ - ]
Clean appearance: Feels clean, but doesn't look like [ - ]
Size: Big [ + ]
Price: $4.00 - $5.00 [ + ]

 Even though Tresemmé had more pros than cons, I would recommend Klorane because the pros had more weight.  Clean appearance without residue is what we really are looking for when using a dry shampoo, so the price would be worth it.  Tresemmé may be less expensive and bigger size, but the results aren't the best.


Another Week Behind

This week was so short, cause we had a holiday last Monday on my country and I was off  work.  Today is Friday and I feel like it's a Wednesday.  I'm so jealous of my dad right now, he's at New York visiting the family and I'm not (because of a saving/work situation).  My plans are to FINALLY hit the beach, maybe on Sunday... crossed fingers to a sunny day!

A vintage flowy skirt.

All I want to wear for this hot weather is sheer materials and 'flowy' skirts.
This style from GoJane is so vintage and girly.


I felt so flattered when I saw the following comment for [ this ] post.  

Here's the comment: 
These are so cute! I never see bead bracelets that I like, and I love these! I am really liking the last one on your wrist with the red bead and black and white pattern! Awesome, keep up the great work, someone will totally buy these!
This is Miri from Miri's Castle.  
I always tend to fall in love with any outfit that has a piece of clothing that I crave at the moment.  Talking about flowy skirts, look what I've found!  In this case the color and length is different from what I'm specifically looking for, but can't deny how gorgeous this outfit looks!

Can't wait to visit Paris, and this post made me feel even more desperate!
  Check it out [ here ]!

Have a lovely weekend!


Selfish, impatient and a little insecure...

"I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."
- Marilyn Monroe

[Images via GoogleImages]


Old, but Good

I haven't used this nail polish since 2007.  I found it days ago and thought it was a vibrant/summer-ish color, so I tried it.  It was like new!  The brand?  Who cares?  Not a popular one, but a good one.  This is a great example that sometimes, expensive things are not necessary the best ones and you can find high quality in less expensive beauty stuff.  By the way, the brand is Milani, for those who would like to try!

 Happy Wednesday!


DIY: Colorful Bracelets

My mother and I just started to create bead bracelets.  We're just doing it for fun and of course, to use them.  The best part is you don't have to spend a lot of money to have a bunch of bracelets that will look great for summer and you choose the colors and pieces that better matches your style. 

To start you will need:
1. A bucket of crystal beads
2. A bucket of plastic beads
3. Elastic/clear cord
4. Scissors

Here are some of our creations:
{ my favorite: hanging charms }

{ mix of crystals and plastic }

{ all of these bracelets for less than $30 }



I'm sure you already know that my style is bohemian/natural/vintage/simple and my current addiction is the little side braid on my hair.  Remember [ this ] post?  Well, I haven't used the blower or flat iron to go out for a long time and I feel totally fresh and confident with my natural hair.  Adding the little braid feels like I'm paying attention to my hair, even when I really don't.

 I saw Friends with Benefits this weekend and I LOVED IT!!!!!!  After the movie I went to meet one of my besties who's living out of the country and was visiting for a few days.  My original plan was to go to the beach and do outdoor stuff, but the weather was horrible.

 Blouse & leggins: Old Navy
Bag: Zara
Cuff & earrings: Charlotte Russe


A Shoe Story

Approximately a year ago I saw [ these babies ] for the first time, they were from the exclusive Victoria's Secret's shoe designer Colin  Stuart and the price was $85 by then. I said to myself: "Hmm maybe next time, but these are gor-ge-ous!".  I entered again a few weeks later, to buy other stuff and there they were again, like $10 less than the first time.  I said: "Hmm next time for sure".  The same line repeated for two or three more times, until one day I received the catalog and saw them at $39!!!!  So I thought: "This is it!".  I went online and did the checkout to discover I had a 20% off the entire purchase, God I love VS!  

They arrived home last Friday!  I'm rushing to show you some pictures, since I can't wear them this weekend cause it's so rainy.  An outfit wearing them coming soon!

 i'm in love..


Look at my eyes...

"The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides."
- Audrey Hepburn

[On the photo: My boyfriend and I]
[Photographer: Pablo Díaz from Innovart Studio]


Another Week Behind

This week was a fresh start.  I started to eat Raisin Bran as the last snack of the day and actually, I really feel more energetic.  My snacks were usually cheese, ice-cream or anything that I weren't supposed to be eating at 9:00p.m.  Also, I've started to exercise a little bit for the rest of the summer, remember I don't have an excuse now, cause I already finished college.  Ha!

A new face mask and Tresemmé's Dry Shampoo.
Yes, I'm going to Walgreen's this weekend!!!


 My motivation are my readers.  I loved Mary's comment for [ this ] post.  

Here's the comment:
Amazing shoes!!!!! All the posts, whether outfit posts or just writing are simply amazing and the name of the blog is really original! I was wondering if you would have time to check mine, possibly follow each other? Hope we keep in touch!

Mary from http://teenfashiondiary.blogspot.com/ 

This is The Dessert Fox, one of my recent favorites!  This time, I'm totally loving those neutral/sober colors with the gorgeous sunglasses and big bag. 

I like to discover unique blogs.  This week I started to follow Style Ceviche.  She does her own fashion drawings and I think she has an amazing talent/style.
  Check it out [ here ]!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


Today's Vintage

Our Trend-ish. Icon for the past month, Selena Gomez, shocked me with this beautiful picture I saw on her Facebook page.  She reminded me of some 50's celebrity.  
Selena Gomez

I love how stars from this decade are imitating glamorous and elegant women from the past.  I want to show you some examples of today's vintage girls:

                                    Zooey Deschanel                        Audrey Hepburn

                          Christina Aguilera                      Marilyn Monroe

                               Katy Perry                              Elizabeth Taylor


Peaches & Cream

Looking around my mom's stuff, once again I found another Aldo nail polish!?  This time the color was similar to peach/soft coral and also perfect for summer.  I gotta say I absolutely loved it, so had to borrow it.  As I've said before, I would never thought of a good nail polish sold by Aldo, a shoe store, but this really works!


Victoria's Secret Coat Preview 2011

I'm a very cautious/prepared/organized girl.  I'm already thinking of ordering the new coat for my next travel this Winter. Victoria's Secret just announced the coat preview for this year!  My favorite things from Victoria's Secret are not actually the underwear and lingerie, are the swimsuits, shoes and COATS!  I was ready to order one, but the problem was I fell in love with not one, not two, not three, but four of their coats.  

Option #1Girly skirted style.

Option #2: Looks comfy and the hood would definitely help on the wind situation.

Option #3: Classy and simple shape.

Option #4:  This one is so rare and versatile.

Which one would you choose?

[Check out more coats @ Victoria's Secret]


Chunky/Retro Shoes

Yesterday I went to have sushi with my mom and my boyfriend and ended the night at what we call in my country: The Culinary Fest. There we had food, of course, music and cocktails on the streets of Condado, San Juan.  What really caught the attention of me and my mother was that all fashion boutiques near the event were open 'til late at night!

I was wearing my new shoes from ShoeDazzle named Eugenie.  They were so comfortable and cute.  I'm sharing my outfit, which was very simple and fresh, cause it's so hot here and also showing off my new hand-made bracelets, I'm currently addicted to hand-made jewelry!  These pictures were taken before going out...

Shoes: ShoeDazzle
Dress & Belt: Forever 21
Bracelets: (hand-made from a friend)
Watch: Guess

Ps. I want to thank Steffy for the Sponsor Spotlight! :)


New Room Decoration

I knew I urgently needed a wall watch in my room, cause I always had to check the time on my cell phone.  Also, my 20 year old brother has a talent with photography and paintings, so I needed to get that cost-free/hand-made piece of art.  

I fell in love with this Beatles wall watch I saw on Amazon.com:

I told my brother to make a really girly artwork that defines me, here's the result:

I think he really knows me deep inside!

Now I am so motivated to make more changes, 
like the color on my walls, sheets set and more.  
Any trend-ish ideas? 


A Successful Week Behind

This week was the final presentation from my master degree and I feel so free it's ridiculous. I'm an "everyday blogger", but on the past days you may have noticed I didn't post as frequently and my inspiration was in this final work.  But I'm back!!!

Me after the presentation 
[sorry for the low quality of the photo, it was from an iPhone]

This means three things:
1. My summer has officially started.
2. I'll finally get some sun-bathing at the beach.
3.  I'll be doing a lot more outfit posts!

A very loose/carefree blouse.
This would look so great with a high waist skirt and the new pair of shoes I recently ordered online.  Stay tuned for some outfit posts!


I really enjoy inspiring other bloggers to do fashion stuff.  
So Amy's comment for [ this ] post made my day:

"wow this is incredible! definitely feeling inspired to dig up some old photos and compare style with my mom!


amy leah
the coquetiquette

As I mentioned above, I'm looking for a loose blouse. 
I think this outfit, from The Stylish Heart, couldn't get anymore cuter.

The one responsible for making me crave a weekend at New York is Vale from Fashion and Cookies.  I enjoyed all of her trip pictures.  I also  had some flashbacks from pretty good times at that city.  Check it out [ here ]!

Enjoy the weekend lovelies!



 "Goals are dreams with deadlines."
-Diana Scharf Hunt

[Image via Tumblr]


BAFTA Brits 2011: White It Is!

Last Saturday was celebrated the Bafta Brits To Watch Gala in Los Angeles, California.  A lot of celebrities caught my eyes when I saw the pictures from the best dressed.  What really surprised me was the amount of white tone dresses I've seen recently in a lot of ceremonies like the MET Ball, MTV Movie Awards and now the BAFTA Brits 

We all know summer is here and the best color to match the sun-kissed skin is... white!  I'm showing my favorites on this post and, at least these ones, knew how to make white work on them without losing their personal style.

 Blake Lively - Sublime

 Zooey Deschanel - Vintage

 Kate Middleton - Elegant

[Images via Posh24 & Google.com]
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