Making of: Trend-ish. Video-Editorial

 How fun was your long weekend?  Mine was outstanding!  I was busy making the first video-editorial for Trend-ish. last Sunday This is a new project named Trend-ish. TV and will be a new tab in my blog once is ready.  My job in the shoots is to style the clothes, hair and part of the make-up. I'm so thankful with the people that was part of the whole thing: Ramón Martínez (local producer and cameraman), Coral Pérez (friend and model), Le Menina Boutique (one of my sponsors) and of course, my boyfriend: Yan Torres (staff). It was a total success and I can't wait to show you the final result.  For now I'm just showing a preview and some making of photos.

[ me doing the fish-tail braid to the model ]

[ recording my voice for the video ]

Tell me about your weekend!



 "Style is a simple way of saying complicated things".

- Jean Cocteau

[ image source: Pinterest ]


Review: 33% Redhead with Garnier

So yeah, I want to become a red-head. Red is a very extreme/daring color and that's why I think it is better to start from a darker shade and then keep lighting it up. You know how much I love Garnier products from this post and this other one.  Of course I chose the Nutrisse Ultra Color to start my new journey, not only because is Garnier, but because it is exclusively designed to transform dark hair into any other color.  I started with the Dark Intense Auburn R1 and in the next couple of months I will continue with the Intense Medium Auburn R2.  Finally I'll end up with the Light Intense Auburn R3 (if I have the guts).

What about this product?
Absolutely amazing!  I never get disappointed by Mr. Garnier.  I bought this product by mistake at the drugstore.  I was decided to try the mousse instead of the permanent hair color.  It was sitting for one week in my room, waiting to be returned, then I thought... Why not?  The smell is not as intoxicating as others and it leaves your hair even softer then before the color deposit (it is usually the opposite). The only negative aspect is that I've already wash it twice and I'm still bleeding fruit punch!!!  The color is so rich and my hair looks so healthy, I just don't care about the damaged-towels problem.

[ my favorite part: the avocado, olive & shea oil conditioner ]

[ Instagram shot of the result - looks redder live ]


Review: Sponsor Love

Remember this post? Some weeks ago I received some goodies from the Smashbox people.  I gotta say I was astonished by the amount and quality of the products!  Today I'm reviewing almost each one of them (my favorites).  

 [ The smell of Burt's Bees Cranberry & Pomegranate Sugar Scrub is out of this world!  You just feel like you are really rubbing your body with real fruit. It is the perfect pampering before going to bed because it may be too greasy to go out as it leaves your skin way too moisturized. ]

 [ This Sue Devitt pencil can be used as an eye-liner or as eye-shadow.  I've been using it as eye-liner and it lasts the whole day.  The color is perfect for a casual day and a pair of jeans. ]

 [ This Sue Devitt eye shadow is so Jennifer Lopez-ish.  A shiny bronzed color for your eyes makes your face glow. Excellent choice for summer/sun-kissed skin. ]

[ I still haven't use these Smashbox eye-shadows, but I'm so happy with them because the colors are so neutral and they are very adequate to use from work to night out, Don't you think? ]

[ The Thymes Eucalyptus soap (top of the photo), is as fresh as the White Citrus Antibacterial Gel (right side).  They both have such a relaxing scent. ]

 [ My feet were dried-up before they met Lumene SOS Cream.  It really works within just days.  It is unscented and I'm sure it'll work in any part of your body that needs urgent hydration. ]

I haven't review some of the items and that's because
they're gonna be part of my next giveaway, so stay tuned!!!

Any of the reviewed products caught your attention? What are your plans for this weekend?



Inspiration: Graduation Day

Inspiration: Graduation Day

 There are a lot of prom posts out there, but people forget about how important it is the graduation outfit.  May & June: graduation months.  Mine is in June 15 and I already have in mind what I would like to wear.  

Graduation outfit tips:

1. Wear a simple dress.  
Most of the graduations take place in daytime, so the dress doesn't have to be that fancy.  Remember it will be under the graduation gown almost the whole time.

2. Comfortable shoes.
You'll be standing for a long time.  Light wedges are a good choice.

3. It's summer, wear something bright!
Graduations are in summer time, so bright colors like blue, coral or yellow will look great and will add a pop of color to the traditional/boring cap and gown.

4. Crossed small bag.
Crossed bags are comfortable and secure.  
If you pick a small one, you can wear it under the gown.

5.  Accessories are the highlight.
Nothing else is gonna show as much as your accessories.  Pick your fave trend!

6. Lose hair.
The graduation cap will be your hair accessory, so leave it  lose and pack some hair clips in your bag in case you need them to make the cap stay in place.

6. Class of 2012 is officially graduated, 
enjoy the after party with your cute outfit!

Inspiration: Graduation Day by trend-ish featuring diamond jewelry

Healthy inside, pretty outside

   First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of activity lately in my blog.  I've been such a bad blogger.  Last week I was so busy with other stuff and projects, plus I started to do some workout and that's costing me time in front of the monitor and keyboard.  My workout routine?  Cardio, belly dance, squats, sit ups, 2lb weight light trainings and a some basic yoga.  

 Since I turned 25 years old I'm more concerned about the things I do with my body and what do I eat.  As you know, I also work at Jenny Craig, where everybody is so interested in being healthy and eat well.  Months ago I received some green tea samples in my Birchbox.  I loved it and I actually felt more active and clean inside.  Do you like green teas?  Can you suggest some good brand?  As fashion/beauty bloggers, it is very important to take care of our bodies so we can feel pretty inside out.  Sometimes external issues with your appearance has to do with how you eat and how you take care of your body.

 What you do to be in shape and feel healthy?

[ images via Pinterest ]

Ps. How was Mother's Day?
Mine was full of love, good food and laziness with my mommy.  We watched "Breakfast at Tiffany s" and ate home-make raviolis.


Birchbox vs My Glam

Let the battle begin!
Last month I received my first My Glam.  You know I'm receiving Birchbox since January, so I decided to start a monthly battle to know which one was better.  Are your ready?

[ Birchbox is more impressing and chic than My Glam ]

Saying HI cards:
 [ very similar, but it seems like that My Glam has a different theme for each package and I really like that. ]

 [ I prefer eye make-up than lipstick, so this is a plus for My Glam.  I also gotta say this is a really good liner, since is pitch black and lasts all day! ]

Inside the boxes:
 [ One of the things I don't like about Birchbox is that they send lots of perfume samples.  I don't use perfume, so these are useless for me.  I still haven't use the MicrodermaMit, but will this weekend ]

[ The theme for My Glam this month was "Girl Night Out".  Eye-lashes, eye-brushes, eye-liner and pretty lips.  I loved everything and I'm actually using everything, except for the eye-lashes, which I'm saving for a special occasion. ]

 What do you think? 


Tiny & Golden

 It seems like the chunky/big/huge jewelry trend is coming to an end, as the new obsession are tiny rings and bracelets.  I'm a tiny person, so these pieces suits me so well I don't have any problem with the size switch for this season.  I especially love the tiny-gold rings wore in every single finger and with an extra one in the middle of one of them (see picture above).  I think this trend is way too cute to handle and is officially my new obsession. I'm starting the collection, so I'm very inspired...

[ images source: Pinterest & Runway Hippie ]

These are mine:

Do you prefer small or big jewelry?

happy week!

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