Review: L'OREAL Ombre

Approximately two weeks ago I made a post about the possibility of buying and trying the Les Ombrés by L'OREAL Preference.  I got news: IT'S FINALLY DONE!  I tried to wait until the end of month, but just couldn't. Here's the review:

1. Everything you need is inside the box.
2. The little brush makes it easy to apply.
3. You can do it by yourself, no help needed.
4. The results are very similar to the one showed in the box 
(it all depends on your hair color base). 
5. The shampoo-conditioner inside the box it's perfect for your damaged hair.

1. Strong smell.
2. The instructions are not very clear.
3. Sometimes the substance gets stuck in the finest part of the lid.

 To be honest, this wasn't the color I was looking for, but since my base color is dark mahogany brown, it turned out ginger-ish.  At first I was a little disappointed, but since the mixture has bleach, the color is getting lighter and blonder every time I wash it.  I have to say that this product really works, it's easy to use (once you really get the complicated instructions) and leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny (unlike other bleach products).



Trend-ish. icon of May: Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian sisters are inspirational style icons.  Previously, I reviewed my favorite Kardashian: Kourtney.  Today I'll be talking about Kendall Jenner, one of the younger sisters.  I follow her Instagram profile and I have to admit that this girls is as gorgeous as a Victoria's Secret angel!  Kendall Nicole Jenner's style is quite unique and even though she looks like a grown-up woman with a defined taste in fashion, she is only 17 years old.  At her short age, she is already a business girl together with  her sister Kylie Jenner.  They both recently launched a line of clothing selled by PacsunKendall's style is fun, trendy, chic, a little wild and so appropriate for her age.  That's why she's the perfect Trend-ish. icon for this month!


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Home-made "ombre"?!

Hi guys!!!

About a year ago I read the word "ombre" in fashion magazines for the first time. They used it for pants, tops, nails and even hair!  That's when I started my research to discover it's meaning was just combining two colors and making them look like they are both melting together in the middleThe first ombre thing I had was a pair of tights (see below), melting together blue with gray.  

 My new curiosity is trying the ombre trend on my hair.  I think this is a very scary/risky/daring adventure, but I'm suddenly tired and bored of my hairstyle.   As many of you know, I've been using a dark-reddish brown color in my hair for months and I need a change.  L'oreal launched the new: Les Ombrés by Préférence (see below).  I've been thinking about buying the Ombré N.1, which is the darkest one.

My hair is short/medium right now, 
so the final look I'm expecting is something like this one:

I have mixed feelings, since I'm so excited and terrified at the same time.  My plans are to wear this look for summer, so I'll put this plan in action by the end of May and, of course, will make a post about my experience.
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Would you try this home-made ombre 
or would you prefer the help of an expert?

Have an awesome weekend!
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