Sweet, but healthy morning treats!

Hi everybody! 

Today is Memorial Day and I'm out of the office. I went to a beautiful beach yesterday, called Mar Chiquita, which is like one hour away from home. I had some ups and downs with my car in the afternoon, so I woke up feeling very tired today. I decided to stay in and make a fancy/healthy breakfast

I'm sharing the recipes in case you want to try them:

Almond butter and banana shake, to boost your energy.

You'll need:
1. Almond butter (two tablespoons)
2. Banana (half)
3. Brown sugar (1 teaspoon)
4. Ice (1/2 cup)
5. Almond milk (1 cup)

Blend until creamy/smooth, serve and ENJOY!

"Papaya" with salt and lemon, if you have swollen face or puffy eyes.
Professionals recommend to eat papaya as an anti-inflammatory and as a digestive aid!
Just squeeze some lemon juice and sprinkle a little sea-salt on top!

Hope you're having a wonderful #MemorialWeekend!

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