SAG Awards 2012: Colors, Lace, Legs and Pants

I couldn't watch the SAG Awards last Sunday, but next day I was goggling the red carpet photos at 8:00 a.m.  I have to say that some of the actresses amazed me even more than my favorite ones from the Golden Globe Awards.  I saw a great variety of colors, shapes and even a daring look with pants, instead of the typical dress.  I love when celebrities take some risk and love it even more when it has great results.  The main risk of the night was Rose Byrn,who wore a beautiful white jumpsuit with the right hair to look perfectly classy.  As always, I'm sharing my favorites in order of preference... 
Here we go!

 #1: Rose Byrne wearing the daring piece of the night
from one of my favorite designers: Elie Saab

 #2: Michelle Williams did a better job this time wearing Valentino
with beautiful lace sleeves detail!

  #3: Emily Blunt looks stunning in a green-one-shoulder 
piece by Oscar de la Renta

#4: Leah Michelle showed her sexy legs while looking chic wearing Versace

#5: Natalie Portman also did a better job than her last appereance
with this cute maroon dress from Giambattista Valli

[ images via MarieClaire & GoogleImages ]



 [ image via Tumblr ]


Monday is not popular for being the favorite day of the week.
Let's start with positive enery!

January is ending and I've already accomplished 
some of my New Year's Resolutions:
1. I changed my look.
2. Had more contact with nature, went twice to the beach.
3. Top secret.

What about you?
Start today!


Another Week Behind

The highlight of this week was Wednesday.  I went for a mini-shopping with my best friend and her sister and then we went home where we chit-chat for a while.  This week we got Netflix at my home and we are totally addicted now.  I'm re-living old memories from when I was a teen watching The Hills!!!

high waist pants.
Everything was said in last Thursday's post.
[ image via Google Images ]


Simple, but chic.  The scarf and booties caught my attention.


"Such a helpful post this is.
i love how you completely changed the "vibe" of the outfit by adding a couple of metallic touches and different accessories.
keep on making posts like this. i like.
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 Post:  Inspiration: Transitional Pants

Why this comment?
New followers make me automatically smile.  

Also, she asks me to follow her back in such a kind/sweet way.


One of the most memoral moments @ The Hills
"He's a sucky person!" -Lauren

 Hope you have an amazing weekend!


Victoria's Secret's New Beach Collection

A couple of weeks ago I received the new catalog from VS named: "From Brazil, with Love".  It was filled with all the new bikinis for this Spring Break.  I'm showing some of the new ones in my order of preference.

 #1: mint-ish
#2: sunny brightness
#3: rawr!
#4: we love stripes and hearts
#5: ruffles + polka dots = retro
#6: would suit any curve
#7: safari vibes
#8: just pushing it up

[ images via Victoria'sSecret.com ]

Which one is your favorite?


Inspiration: Transitional Pants

Stage 1: You bought an outfit to go out, but you like it so much that you wish you can wear it to go work, a job interview or executive dinner.
Stage 2: You have plans with your girls on Thursday night.  The three of you are going to a fancy restaurant after work and you don't want to look overdressed or wear the exact same thing you are wearing since 8:00 a.m. 

Feel identified? I got a solution for you!
There are some trends that really help us re-accessorize an entire outfit without having to change it.  For example, remember the blazer trend I did a couple of months ago on [ this DIY ]?  The same blazer for work, the same blazer to party!

 Another one of them are the high-waist pants.  The other day, one of my best friends told me how comfortable and cute those pants look on her.  I'm also thinking about getting some in beige, black and brown (just to start).  Today I'm showing you how to take advantage of the comfy feeling and how to do the elegant to casual switch.

Same outfit, different accessories and shoes.  It changes the entire look without getting out of the comfy/trend-ish/cute high-waist pants!  
And yes, those are Louboutin... both pairs.  Wink!

Review: Face Mask

Ever since I remember, I've always imitated my mom.  She's always been my biggest inspiration for everything, even for beauty products.  So since very little, I've watch my mother use the Elizabeth Arden line and she always tells me how good and effective the face creams and masks are. That's why my favorite face mask is the Elizabeth Arden Deep Cleansing Mask.

I know, I'm only 25 and you may think this brand is only for mature ladies, but there's no other mask that leaves my skin so soft, moisturized and REALLY CLEAN as this baby.  It even adds a glow to my face that makes me feel refreshed and new.  I recently was told it was discontinued We have a problem cause my bottle is almost empty.

[ image via Google Images ]

What would you do if one of your favorite products was discontinued?

Tell me about a good face mask you use!



Another Week Behind

This week was intense, but in a good way.
My plans for the weekend are to go to the movies and the beach.  My little brother (not that little anymore), turns 21 on Sunday, so maybe we'll have some dinner or party!

Aztec stuff.
 Loving this trend in accessories, bags and tops!
[ via GoogleImages ]


For the second time, Sorelle In Style.
Talking about aztec designs, zig-zags or whatever, I really like this combo.
Even though we don't have winter seasons at my country, I LOVE looking at winter outfits photos.


"i like reading your interpretation teresa. it's so interesting that every blog has different opinions. some say their best dressed are others worst dressed. since i didn't watch it, i'm intrigued by how, the various angles of photographs gives me another point of view, of the same dress. :)"

 Post:  Golden Globe Awards 2012: Neutral Extravaganza

Why this comment?
Teddi is right once again.  It all depends on the angle of the camera, but Sara Michelle Gellar couldn't escape to be chosen as the worst dressed of the night by Fashion Police!


Where can I get a baby like this?
Isn't him the cutest thing?! 

 Hope you have an amazing weekend!


Every girl deserves to be surprised: My first Birchbox

  I recently subscribed to Birchbox thanks to Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies.  She introduced me to this page through this blog post and I could'nt resist it, so I went for it that same day.  For $10 a month I will receive a surprise box with 4-5 beauty product samples, shipping free!  You just have to fill a questionnaire so they can personalize each box to your preferences.  I received my first box last weekend and I subscribed on January 3rd... SO QUICK!

And you may say... I don't need this!  What a waste of money!  Well, I thought the same, but when I received my first box and looked at myself in the mirror I was so damn excited.  Us girls, we love surprises and this, my dear, is a monthly surprise guarantied.

1) Juicy Couture Perfume: I'm not a fan of perfumes, I prefer body mists.
2) Zoya Nail Polish: I wanted to try this brand so bad!
3) Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss: Love the color.
4) VMV Hallucinogenics Re-Everything Eye Serum: So interesting!
5) Larabar Brownie: Yummy and healthy.

As you can see I'm pretty happy with everything, except the perfume.  
I can't wait to show you more in the next months, stay tuned!

Isn't that package cute?
Are you willing to try?


Golden Globe Awards 2012: Neutral Extravaganza

 Last Sunday we saw all kind of dress colors, but especially nude neutrals in the 2012 Golden Globes Red Carpet.  Now that I think about it, I was in from of the T.V. from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. watching E! for the red carpet and from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. watching NBC for the gala.  Five hours watching Dior, Dolce & Gabana, Christian Louboutin, Versace, Gucci, Prada and eating munchies with pink-lime juice with my mom: TOTALLY WORTH IT!

The most significant trends were strapless, neutrals and fish tails.  Today I'm sharing my favorite dresses in order of preference. I'm starting with Charlize Theron, who wore a very provocative, but elegant piece from: Dior, of course.
 #1: Charlize Theron wearing Dior

#2: Claire Danes wearing J. Mendel
Bringing edgy/sexy back!

#3: Reese Witherspoon wearing Zac Posen

#4: Jessica Biel wearing Elie Saab
Lace bridal inspired.

 #5: Jessica Alba wearing Gucci
Conservative, classic.

 #6: Emma Stone wearing Lanvin
Different, outstanding.

#7: Kate Beckinsale wearing Roberto Cavalli
She just knew how to work that simple dress.

What do you think?
Who was your favorite?

[ images via MovieFone ]


Once you go short, you never go back...

At least that's how I feel right now about my new haircut.  I used to feel my long hair owned me, now I feel I'm the one that owns my hair.  It's made for me, for my face shape, for my high and it gives me identity.  I think that says all about how I feel about it... free, stylish, ME.  

Do you own your haircut?  Have you been thinking for a long time to do a new look, but haven't feel courage enough to do it?  Well, I only have two words for you... DO IT!  You won't regret and if so, hair is always growing.  They did the exact same haircut I asked for: this one.

1) Fun  2)Easier to take care of  3)Looks healthy  4)Matches my face type

1) Can't do my boho-side-braid anymore or let it air-dry.  
2) To not feel girly enough with some clothing.
 Top: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Express

And... finally got my sun-tan this weekend!
Bikini: Billabong
Sunglasses: American Eagle
Watch: Nixon

How was your weekend?! 


Another Week Behind

Yesterday started the Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián.  It is a local traditional party in the streets of Old San Juan and that's how we officially end the Christmas in Puerto Rico... to learn more [click here].  I always attend and have a blast with my friends buying handicrafts and dancing to the bit of our cultural rhythm, but this year I think I'm skipping it to go to the beach with my boyfriend.  We need sun, sand and water.  This weekend is packed with exciting things, since I'm having a makeover tomorrow and I already have my popcorn ready for the Golden Globe Awards next Sunday.  Aahhh TGIF!!!

 Remember [ this post ]? Well, I made my final decision
and is happening this weekend.


 Meet the sweet Marina from Fashion.MakeUp.Lifestyle.
She looks great with her hair up and such daring mixture of colors.


The PvdH Journal
"I hate indoor pics as well! :-S Which is why I appreciate it even more that you took the time to show us! I very very much love those sleeves- delicate and lovely details."

 Post:  Outfit: Date Night

Why this comment?
It's nice to know my readers appreciate my effort and understand the low quality of pictures taken at night.  I'm just extremely perfectionist.

Julia Roberts is one of my favorite actresses.
Can't wait to see this movie!
Hope you have a great weekend!



It's a closet thing...

 "I like my money right where I can see it, in my closet"
- Carrie Bradshaw

[ in the image: Sex & the City closet via GoogleImages ]
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