Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2013: New Talents

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Los organizadores del Puerto Rico High Fashion Week [PRHFW] celebraron recientemente un casting para seleccionar a los integrantes de The New Generation 2013, abriendo las puertas a diseños creativos y diversos.

Este año asistieron 28 diseñadores, del cual dos son puertorriqueños que residen fuera de la Isla, una participación nunca antes vista desde el inicio de la competencia. Solo ocho diseñadores serán escogidos para presentar sus colecciones en el evento más grande de Moda en Puerto Rico.

Como miembros del jurado participaron: Lisa Thon, diseñadora y profesora de diseño de moda; Arnaldo Rivera Braña, editor de moda; y Lizette Schettini, estilista de moda. Estos expertos compartieron recomendaciones individuales con cada uno de los aspirantes sobre el diseño, la industria,el enfoque y otros temas de interés.

"[PRHFW] es la plataforma más importante que hay aquí en Puerto Rico de moda… incorpora lo que es el talento ya establecido con el talento novel y le abre el campo a los diseñadores que están empezando su carrera," expresó Thon.

Los  diseñadores que audicionaron fueron:

         Victor Esquilín
         Liz Alejandro
         A. Manuel
         Gabriel Ocasio
         Jesuan Ramos
         Mabel Huertas
         Ruscherly Huyke
         Cynthia Trinidad
         Alejandra Gutiérrez
         Leslie Acevedo
         Kelvin Giovannie
         Isaac Johan
         Diana Vázquez
         Tylon Reyes
         Joseph Da'ponte
         Sylvia Maysonet
         Lilliana Velázquez
         Christian Bernard
         Pedro Ángel Chaluisant
         Reynaldo José
         Héctor Omar
         David Serret
         Richard Cotto
         Orlando Emanuel
         Lilliam Díaz Díaz
         Lorena Arvelo
         Carol Reyes
         Edzel Giovanni

Desde su fundación en el 2005, PRHFW ha presentado las colecciones de diseñadores importantes de la Industria local e internacional. Asimismo, ha sido un apoyo para el talento juvenil, funcionando como base para el crecimiento profesional de diseñadores como Eclíptica, Jaer Cabán, José Karlo, entre otros.

La edición Primavera-Verano 2014 del PRHFW se llevará a cabo el 23, 24 y 25 de octubre de 2013 en el Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico.

Para más información puede acceder a www.prhfw.com,  www.facebook.com/PRHFW o llamar al (787)723-8866.


MaruMaru Design: A dream in the making

One of Maru's creations

Maru is a simple girl living in the Caribbean and having big dreams.  
One of her biggest dreams is to become a popular fashion designer.
Wanna know her story? 

1. What is your role in the fashion field at this moment?
Well, right now I'm experimenting with materials, fabrics, silhouettes, in the matching game, because I'm still studying.
2. At what age arouses your passion for designing clothes?
The truth is that, I've always loved art.  When I was 5-year-old I always carried a sketchbook where I used to make drawings.  My passion for fashion design aroused when I was approximately 11.  My first design was my Sweet 16 gown.

3. What do you like most about your profession?
Many things, from then illustration, experimentation of materials, and the ending result. I just enjoy it so much.  Some people may think fashion is superficial, but the knowledge you acquire is so rich.  I love studying my customers and see what their needs are. Runways are also very interesting, the backstage rush, meeting celebrities and working for them. Everything related to fashion is my passion.

                                                                     4. What are your current and future challenges?
MaruMaru Design
Right now I'm focusing on finishing my grade and having my diploma.  The profession I chose is very challenging because of all the competition and criticism.  You have to see who is in the lead and find a way to stand out above all.  In the future, my biggest challenge will be having a satisfied customer and see them wearing my creations.

5. What is your dream once you finish your studies and devote full time to this world?
At first I wanted to direct the production of theatrical costumes. It is a field that not many people are dedicated to and I would like to experience. But recently, I've come to the conclusion that my goal is to dress entertainers for their performances, everything from theater, dance and cinema.
6. What advice would you give to all young people who aspire to the same as you?
DO NOT QUIT!   It's not easy, but not impossible.  Educate yourself and read constantly about fashion.  Don't be conformist, try always your best!  Follow your dreams, do what you like and enjoy your career.

One of Maru's creations

If would like to contact MaruMaru Design, send her an e-mail @
or like her Facebook page @ 
MaruMaru Design



Trend-ish.'s new look!

As many of you already know, I lost all the pictures from my blog last month.  
Details [ here ].  They're irretrievable, so I'm just slowly uploading the best of them to each post.  I want to thank all of those other bloggers and readers who supported me in such hard experience.  Trend-ish. is not over and is actually celebrating it's second birthday this month!  That's why a new banner and social media icons (on the right side), are up today.  The banner actually compiles photos from this blog's evolution.  Hope you guys like the new look and be ready for what's coming.

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