Coffee = Café = Caffé = Kebi = Love

Coffee is an essential beverage in my life.

I don't need a big breakfast with energy drink and a yoga session to wake up in the mornings.
I just need a rich/dark/hot/big/foamy cup of coffee

Symptoms of a morning without coffee:
1. Eyes only reach 70% of open.
2. Talking and walking like a zombie.
3. Aggressive behavior.
4. Lack of creativity and/or motivation at work.
5. Sore muscles.
6. Not thinking properly.*** 
***Reason why I choose my outfit the night before***

You could say I'm just a caffeine addict, but it's more than that. It's romance. The sound of the coffee machine, the smell, the way black and white mix together and turns brown (milk and coffee)... it's art for me. It's morning therapy... it's comfort food... it's love.

My favorite? Capuccino.
If there's no Capuccino? Latte.

Do you like coffee? 
Which is your favorite?

[Pictures by: me]

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