My Letter To Santa

Christmas Wishlist 2014

1. Ray-Ban Aviator Mirror 
On my wishlist since forever. NEED these!

2. Prada Candy Eau de Parfum
I know I'm getting this one for sure... Santa already bought it!

3. NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo
Blush duos are my new obsession.

4. New pair of flats
A chunky/neutral/everyday pair of flats.

Besides spending Christmas Day with my loved ones, being healthy and happy [which is the most important], there's always some other stuff that a fashion junkie will ask for. This is my third letter to Santa on Trend-ish [see this and this] and I gotta say he's being really good to me each year! Maybe I'm a good girl?

What's on your wishlist?


Fun + Food + Friendship

I went to visit my best friend this past weekend. She moved to Orlando, Florida more than a year ago and I haven't seen her since then. We had a blast between good food, shopping and theme parks.

I'm sharing with you guys my point of view of this amazing trip. Enjoy!

Until next post!

Ps. Who needs a camera when you have an iPhone 6?
Yes, all of these photos were taken with my new cell phone!


Dreaming of a True Autumn

Dreaming of a True Fall

I was born on winter: March 11. Only ten days away from the first day of spring. I live in a country where the whole year is summer. My favorite season of them all is fall
Ironic how none of these facts click!

In my opinion, the perfect weather is the high 60's. Why? Because it lets you play with different styles, layers and accessories. I adore oversized sweaters and using scarfs as the signature accessory. This look is a wish my heart makes because I could never wear this set on 86 degrees.

Enjoy autumn! 
[ if you have one ]


Croissants & Seashells

Some friends come and go, others stay forever. 

I'm celebrating 10 years of friendship with this girl. Her name is Diana and we met during first year of college (2004). We clicked from day #1. We share the same passion for fashion and travel. I remember we used to skip class because we couldn't resist the temptation to go grab a strawberry/banana/yogurt/granola/honey bowl, which was sold in the campus for $5.00. I visited her in the weekend and since we still like sweet treats, she made banana/nutella pancakes.

We are wearing handmade skirts from KRMA Designs, paired with Converse sneakers. We wanted to look different and stylish, but comfortable. How fun and sweet are these prints?!

[ photos: En3raPersona & Diana ]

What's your favorite sweet treat?


Basically Basics

Coco Chanel once said: "before leaving the house, 
a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory."

Do you carry out this practice? I do. I'm a firm believer that less is more.

Today's outfit post describes perfectly my signature style, with my three favorite colors to wear: black & white + golden accessories. Not to mention this kind of clothing makes me look older and that, in my case, is flattering. When I wear short skater skirts (which I adore), people think I'm 15 years old (which I hate). But since everything has it's pros and cons, when I wore this look it was soooooo hot outside. So much, I was thinking about going back to my apartment and change into my 15-year-old-skater-skirt. Such is live.

To end this story, I have to admit that before leaving home I removed the necklace and was the best decision I could possibly make to achieve that minimalist look
Thank you, Chanel!

[ photos: En 3ra Persona ]

Are you minimalist or bold?


Seven Lives

Hi, trendsetters! I've been through a couple of sad experiences these past two months. It's been hard, VERY hard. But just like a cat gets back on his feet after falling from the highest tree, I am back up feeling stronger and slightly more mature.

Talking about cats, KRMA Designs have an exclusive local line called Propagandistic. This line is made for girls who are willing to wear cute and funky short skirts. They are affordable hand-made pieces and come in three different prints. For this Sunday out, I picked the fiercest one and paired it with a good attitude.

Skirt: Available at KRMA Designs
Denim top: Local boutique
Booties: Crown Vintage (DSW)
Flash tat: Tattify (Amazon)
Skull cuff: Etsy.com
Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: a gift.

[ photos: En3raPersona ]

I believe in KRMA, do you?

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