Sammydress + Flower Power

It doesn't matter how dark is the setting or how dark are your clothes, flowers will brighten off your photos and will pop a natural glow to your face.

Ironic how much I like flower crowns and floral pieces, but I prefer to live among buildings, night lights, urban spaces, many restaurants / shopping places, fast spaced people... that's me. That's why I live in the 10th floor, in the middle of my country's highest group of buildings and where my closest view is Hato Rey, San Juan. There, anything that comes from nature is rarely found, but highly precious. Sunrises, sunsets and flowers stand out like in no other setting. I LOVE THE CITY.

Today I'm sharing a little shoot from the rooftop of my condominium, wearing a black maxi-dress from Sammydress.com. Temperatures in Puerto Rico are raising to 90 degrees and over, so even though this is a dark/long dress, it is so light and fresh!

Maxi-dress: Sammydress
Flower crown: *made by me*
Golden necklace: JCP
Wedges: Aldo

[ photos by: my boyfriend ]

What is your favorite setting?



Every girl deserves a crown

We go trough so much physical/emotional pain... 

We cry when we are furious and when we feel undervalued

We have a monthly period

We have to defend the fact that we are modern women and 
we are no longer the weaker sex. We have to fight. 

We have to get rid of almost every single hair in our body and 
some of those procedures are really painful, VERY painful. 

We have to go to the gynecologist and 
I don't have to do more explanation in this matter, right? 

This is my favorite: we give birth

We have to worry about innumerable 
things, more than any man could imagine. 

We are born queens, princesses, super women... 
even though our circumstances, languages and believes and are not always the same. 

We are born prepared for anything

We deserve a crown... even if it's a flower one.

Today I'm talking about the flower crown trend and you know how much I like boho-chic style. This is a blue flower crown a very good friend of mine made for me, approximately a year ago. I wore it yesterday for Easter Day!

Blue kimono and black tank top: Forever 21
Necklace: Valija

where is your crown?


Review: Nerium Age Defying Night Cream

One of the things I hate most about getting new things is having to read the usage instructions. I'm always trying to figure out how to use stuff using my common sense. Sometimes that turns into little mistakes... or big ones. That's exactly what happened with my new face moisturizer! But not everything turned out wrong and today I'm sharing my story.

How many times have you heard? 
This cream will make your face look vibrant, youthful and wrinkle free! 
How many? 5? 40? 100 times?

Most of the time, they are just selling a product that don't really work. You buy it, use it, get disappointed, another commercial or informercial comes up, you fall for it, you buy it, get disappointed and so on...

So I finally received my new face cream: Nerium Age Defying Night Cream on January 29th! I thought: Oh, another one... okay then... let's give it a try. So I just read the instructions quickly (without paying that much of attention). At first I thought it was so sticky and difficult to apply, but then I realized I was leaving out one important part of the instructions: "you have to apply it into a damp face". Geez! I was already using it for 3 weeks... the wrong way! So I started from cero and these are the results:

[ I still don't have many wrinkles to fight at age 28, but I was noticing that my face was lacking in brightness and didn't really was looking healthy and uniform. ]


1. Pretty packing.

2. Quickly absorbed by skin.

3. A tingling sensation that makes the product feel like skin food.

4. Instant elasticity.

5. Lasts all night and even when you wake up, the cream is still working on your skin.

6. Non greasy.

After two months
Remarkable smoothness.
 More uniform skin texture.
Some dark spots have clarified.
✓ Pores size reduced.

✓ I realized Nerium was really working when I started using less and less makeup each day.


1. Weird smell.
(I'm not saying is the worst smell ever, 
but it's not a girly/cute smell. It isn't a strong smell either,
there's just something chemical about it).

2. Those dark spots I talked about
 in the pros section haven't disappeared.
They are just less visible, but still there. 

Wanna try it? 
You can get more information and/or place an order here: 
Nerium Official Website.

Have you already try it?
Tell me about your experience!



3 years ago...

3 years ago I started this blog.

I've made new friends, met interesting people [ bloggers/readers/sponsors ]

I've practiced my written English [ I speak Spanish ]

I've laughed and cried [ when I lost all of my pictures last year... still hurts ]

I've disappeared and made a couple of come backs [ but never quit ]

I've been putting my creativity to fly [ talking about what I love most ]

[ I've grown ].

[ I've changed ].

This is a journey I still haven't finished.
For this and many more years to come...




How to protect your hair from oxidation?

What is your most cherished body part? For me... my hair. That's why I wanna take care of it and protect it as much as I can. 

I wash my hair every single day. I know! That's not so healthy. But my hair is greasy-ish and I just like that cleanliness/aromatic/freedom sensation of having my hair freshly washed and wet. Why is it so bad to wash our hair everyday? The water. Why? You need to read this!

Oxidation is in the environment, the UV, our hair treatments and even dye products. I was recently informed about a discovery from Pantene experts: they found copper in the water. Yes, copper. Yeah, the same water in which we shower and... wash our hair! 

Pantene also found out that copper affects the proteins and it weakens the fibers in our hair. That's why they have a new collection called "Damage Detox".  It is a system of total welfare hair - shampoo that deep cleans and purifies to twice (2x) more antioxidants in its formula. It also helps remove copper accumulation, reduces oxidative damage and preserves the vital hair protein structure. When using this system of shampoo and conditioner, hair is revitalized 4 times (4x) the level of hair damage prevention. "Damage Detox" is designed for women who need a high level of damage repair. It is the first shampoo system, conditioner and Pantene detoxifying treatment that removes impurities, protects against oxidative damage and provides shine .

Pantene launches new four-step system, NEW 4 -part "Damage Detox Wellness System", which not only deep cleans and detoxifies, but also provides hydration and nutrition that hair needs. Furthermore, strengthens and protects the strands from damage, helping to protect the integrity of the hair over time and recover from damage. 

Guess who's trying these babies?  That is correct!!!  And, of course, I will be back with the review.

Now, tell me about that cherished body part of yours and how do you take care of it! :)

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