My February Birchbox

January's Birchbox brought bigger samples and all of them were so great.  This month's box didn't surprised me at all.  I'm not even going to use some of the stuff and the sizes are microscopic.  That's really all I got to say this time.  I'm sharing a little review from each product.

1. beauty blender®
[ i don't even use foundation, so this is useless for me ]

2. Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint
[ good moisture, poor coverage... one use only ]

3. Orofluido Elixir
[ best product in this box, glowing hair after use ]

4. Violent Lips Glitter Lip Tattoo
[ not really sure it'll work, but this is so interesting... can't wait to try ]

Do you have Birchbox?
If so, was it an exciting or 
disappointing box this month for you?



Oscars 2012: Architectural & Assymetric

The 84th Academy Awards (Oscars 2012) were celebrated last Sunday at Hollywood.  Many movie stars arrived at the red carpet showing their "who are you wearing" (as usual) and looking stunning (most of them).  The trends were architectural/asymmetric pieces with classy shapes and lots of ruffles.  The most seen colors were neutrals, red and black.

I couldn't decide who my favorites were, I liked so many of them.  That's why there's really no order of favorites in the ones I'm going to discuss below.  They're just my favorites... all of them.

 [ Angelina Jolie wearing Versace ]
I'm not a big fan of her serious style, but this was a 10+! 
She looks younger and fresh with loose hair and a pretty smile.

 [ Michelle Williams wearing Louis Vuitton ]
She's always one of my favorites.  
Red suites her so well and I adore her chicness.

 [ Cameron Díaz wearing Gucci ]
I actually think there's nothing special about this one, but ladies and gentlemen... 
SHE OWNED THAT DRESS.  Confidence is what she transmits.

 [ Louise Roe wearing Black Halo ]
I haven't seen many reviews for this look and that's such a shame.
This girl managed the vintage look so perfectly.

 [ Gwyneth Paltrow wearing Tom Ford ]
This is what I call a piece of art.  She looks clean and classy.

[ Milla Jovovich wearing Elie Saab ]
Stunning.  I mean, come on it's Elie's piece!
The red lips complimented the look so well.

[ Octavia Spencer wearing Tadashi Shoji ]
She knows what goes with her body-type and  this was the right choice.

 [ Emma Stone wearing Giambattista Valli ]
I have a love/hate relationship with this dress.
I don't like the giant bow, but the look itself is so memorable.

[ photos via OMG Yahoo.com ]

You know what comes now...
YOU tell me which one was your fave!


Fashion Night Out

Hi!  Back from hell.  
I just handed my thesis draft today.
That means I'm free for now and ready to post as usual... missed you all!

Last Thursday  I was invited to a fashion show at El Convento Hotel, Old San Juan.  I never had the opportunity to go inside this hotel and is so beautiful, you just get the boho/tropical vibe of the island.  I couldn't watch the whole show cause it started late and I had work really early next day.  It was a 4-local-designers event and I only got to watch one of them.  The main color of the line was beige and it was all about neutrals and copper-ish materials.  Here are some low-battery-non-fixed-camera pictures, sorry about the low quality.

[ had a great quality time with my mom ]



Review: New Beauty Acquisitions

The main reason to go shopping yesterday was to redeem my Victoria's Secret exclusive member  coupons: 1 free thing and $10 off any bra.  The story ended up differently as I made the mistake of walking inside Sephora.  I mean, it wasn't a whim at all cause I really needed a new blush and a face wash.  I was thinking of getting a pink-ish blush instead of the bronzer I've been using for like five years.  I also wanted to try new and bizarre brands, so I think there was no better place I rather be than Sephora, right?.  I couldn't wait to try any of these stuff, so here's the review...

Too Faced Full Bloom Ultra Flush Powder Blush (Cocoa Rose)
Pros: vintage and cute package / easy to apply / intense color / easy to carry in your purse
Cons: too small for $19 / not so easy to open / doesn't bring any brush

Soap & Glory Face Soap with Superfruit Plum
Pros: big bottle / only $16 / refreshing smell / small dots that feel so good and kind of massage your face / perfectly clean sensation
Cons: none for now.

How was the weekend?


Meet My Country: San Juan, P.R.

 Today I'm sharing the casual date I had with my boyfriend last Sunday at our capital: San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The area we visited is known as Old San Juan, it's a touristic area where cruises make port.  It is full of restaurants, resorts and interesting places like the Catedral of San Juan Bautista, El MorroEl Paseo de la Princesa and many more.  We arrived approximately at 3:00 p.m. and hanged around for a while, had dinner and then watched a beautiful sunset.  

It is so hot right now... that's why I look messy in some of the pictures.  Sometimes I imagine how Old San Juan would look covered with snow (we don't have snow here, not even cold weather).  By learning a little about my country, you'll get to know me a little more.  Hope you enjoy the new series: Meet My Country!

My outfit
Top & oxfords: Go Jane
Brown sunglasses: Express 

My boy's outfit
Top: American Eagle
Shoes: Crocs
Sunglasses: Rayban 

Ps. I want to apologize for the lack of posts lately.  
I've been so overwhelmed with my thesis, work and other stuff. 



Grammy Awards 2012: Extremes

Why Extremes?  Because the outfits were either way too much extravagant or very very simple.  Last Sunday I rushed into my house, after having a Valentine's date with my boy, to see the Grammy Red Carpet at E!  I was in total shock after seeing some of the awful outfits from many stars... so daring and even strange.  On the other side, I saw many stars with classic/simple outfits, and of course they were the ones that I liked.  90% of the dresses I liked were black pieces with metallic accessories...

My favorites:
#1: Carrie Underwood - Girly/gorgeous/playful back

#2: Bruno Mars - Vintagely cute

#3: Rihanna - Perfection with pink lips

#4: Julianne Hough - Sexy dress to accent her figure

#5: Adam Levine - Elegance all the way

#6: Alicia Keys - What can go wrong with a little black dress and a trendy necklace?

 #7: Adele - Appropriate and beautiful sparkly dress

[ images via Google Images ]

Which one you liked?
Which one you hated?



"Come live in my hear and pay no rent"
- Samuel Lover

[ in the picture: my boyfriend and I ]
[ photo by: Pablo Díaz from Innovart Studio ]


Inspiration: Valentine's Day Date

Whether your plans are to go have dinner with your boyfriend/fiance/husband, meet up at a lounge with a date or just hang around with your best friends, you have to look trendy and great for the special occasion:  Valentine's Day.  Even though I'm a Valentine's Day Grinch when it comes to teddy bears, excess of chocolate/candies and too cute pink/red stuff at the drugstores,  I like to go out with my boyfriend and have a nice date.  I actually don't know what I'll wear to go out that night, but I've prepared a possible outfit with my latest obsessions: high waist pants and aztec accessories.
What will you wear?

Hollywood Waves

This post was waiting in my drafts for several days... I forgot about it!  Last month one of my best friends [ Yanie ] asked me to do something different to her hair for a wedding she was attending.  Of course I said YES, time to get creative... wink!  More than a year ago I purchased a curling iron to do the soft-wavy style to my hair... NEVER DID.  I did the Hollywood hair to Yanie and realized how cute and glamorous it could look to me!  Maybe when my hair grows long again, I'll try it.  Here are some pictures of the results.

The inspiration to make my friend's look...
[ ashley greene ]

[ vanessa hudgens ]

[ lauren conrad ]

[ images via Google Images ]
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