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Trend-ish. TV: Summer Sailor

Finally, here's the first video-editorial for Trend-ish.!  Remember the Making of?  

The theme is sailor/navy trend.  It's all about stripes, rope material and casual outfits with blue and red.  This time I'm giving you some tips to rock this trend and look chic the whole summer!  Special thanks to everybody that made this possible (credits below).
 [ press on the photo below to watch the video ]

 Style: Teresa Cuevas
Design: Viral Inc.
Model: Coral Carro
Make up: Teresa & Coral 
Production: Predator
Post production: Predator
Clothing: Le Menina Boutique 

Thanks for watching.

Hope you guys liked it! 
Let me know if you want to see more videos like this!


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  1. Estuve días tratando de ver el vídeo porque no me quería dar loading pero al fin lo vi. Me encantaron los looks y el editing. Me acordó a Lana del Rey.


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