The $7.80 Jeans!

The $7.80 Jeans!

Have you heard about the $7.80 jeans from Forever 21? I have them all: royal blue, grey and navy blue. They are not the best quality jeans, but come on, three pairs of jeans for $23.40? I think that's a deal! They are comfortable, low-rise, dark and easy to combine

Let's face it, genuine jeans are not comfortable at all, since they are made of true denim material. They may look amazing (they really do), but they feel stiff and for the people who lives in cold weather, authentic jeans get reaaaally cold. 

Today I'm sharing ideas on how to style and make these jeans look totally expensive. This is my very own/personal taste and, as you can see, I like to wear skinny jeans with oversized tops.

Which look is your favorite?

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