Your Pinterest Personality

Do you have a Pinterest account?  I got mine like six months ago and I already have ten boards, 661 pins and 184 likes (this may change in a couple of minutes).  Yes, it is that addictive.  I think it is a way to relax, dream and get inspiredIf you have Pinterest, take a look at your profile and tell me what is your Pinterest personality.  I came to the conclusion that this social website tells a story about yourself. 
So let's play this little game!

 I am a fashionista with a lot of appetite, wishing to travel the whole world, who sometimes likes to enjoy a little guy-eye-candy, with a love for vintage stuff and style, kinda philosophic, very curious, with a lot of stress and with a big admiration for art, especially water color paintings.

What's yours?!

I love all these social websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and (of course), Facebook.  But you need to be really careful with the privacy settings and what you share in them.  It's okay to post about stuff you like, but don't go overboard and save some secrets to yourself.  My professional dream was to have my own magazine, but since I already have Trend-ish., my goal is to work as a social media manager for small businesses.  If it's related to fashion, even better!  I spend a lot of time on social websites and really enjoy the art of it.

Don't forget to leave your link!



Choosing romantic Nantucket wedding ideas

  A lot of planning goes into making a wedding special. A wedding is an occasion that calls for a lot of planning. When you browse the internet, you will come across a whole plethora of Nantucket wedding ideas. Depending on your individual choice and budget, you may go for the right wedding ideas that suit you. To begin with, good wedding invitations are important. Colors and textures need to be kept in mind when designing a wedding invitation. Also, you may want to include colorful ribbons that lend a romantic and dreamy appearance to the overall wedding.
The wedding setting is also important and for more Nantucket wedding ideas, you can speak to a wedding planner. The couple and their families have to choose the landscape which may vary from a beach, mountain top, open lawn or meadow. Lighting can also improve the overall ambience and give an aesthetic look to your wedding venue. Candlelight wedding ideas are also quite popular. You may want to choose colorful candles within tinted water. The entry of the wedding venue can be adorned with natural flowers of different colors or one can also use pastel lanterns for a more natural and aesthetic look.

The concept of including the right fabrics in the venue is also an important aspect when it comes to wedding ideas. Fabrics like organdy, voile, tulle and organza provide a dramatic look. Your wedding photographs are going to look absolutely beautiful if the right backdrop and ambience are created. Music may be either light, western rock or piano music. Even playing soft love tunes in the background will be a welcome idea. This implies that the couple has to really plan and check out so many wedding details before they settle for one particular idea. Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. Different varieties of flowers like orchid, daisy, calla lily and Stephanotis may be also chosen for the wedding.

So... are you ready to get married?
I'm starting to think about some ideas 


I'd rather be in N.Y.C. (Part 2)

Hi lovelies!
The following photos tell the story of how I spent my day last Saturday @NYC...

 [ view from one of the rooms at the hotel ]
 [ walking around <3 br="br">
 [ this is N.Y. ]
 [ fashion designer: Oscar de la Renta ]
 [ fashion district ]
 [ fashion district ]
[ Parsons! this is where Project Runway is filmed ]
[ visited Hershey's store ]

[ me at Bryant Park ]
Coat: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Urbanog.com

Have a great weekend!


I'd rather be in N.Y.C. (Part 1)

I'm back from New York and ready to share some Instagram shots from my little trip last weekend!  I went with a Chinese friend of mine and a group of girls to see Big Bang's concert in Newark, New Jersey.  Big Bang is a very talented Korean music band. It was so much fun because I learned so many new things about Asian culture, like  food, drinks and, of course... fashionI really consider this adventure as a "Asian Weekend Getaway".

 [ getting closer to THE CITY of dreams ]
 [ snow everywhere ]
 [ me on the first night out ]
 [ cucumber soju shots: korean alcohol drink ]

 [ korean food: lots of vegetables & spice ]
  [ big bang concert ]
[ more soju! ]
[ rice cake & dumplings hot stew for the cold weather ]

I'll be back tomorrow to show you some 
good quality pictures of the city 
from my Nikon camera!!!



Trend-ish icon of November: Kourtney Kardashian

 You may think Kourtney is overrated, but I just can't deny how effortlessly stylish she is.  Kourtney is my favorite among her sisters because her style (relax and classy), is more like mine.  I would wear anything she wears!  I have to admit I used to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians just to see Kourney's outfits!!! She's one of the hottest moms in the spotlight and the perfect trend-ish icon for November!


 [ images sources: Pinterest & Google Images ]



The Body Shop Launch @ Puerto Rico

For the first time ever, The Body Shop, the original, natural, and ethical beauty brand with over 2,700 stores in 63 markets worldwide, made its debut in Sears department stores Puerto Rico on October 19, 2012.  The Body Shop launched four shop-in-shop stores within Sears, whose position as a premier beauty retailer in Puerto Rico made it the ideal partner for this exciting venture.  The first four locations will opened in Plaza las Americas, Mayaguez, Ponce and Hatillo. 

I was invited to the official launch, but I was sick by then and couldn't attend.  That's why they sent me a box filled with some of their amazing products:
The Favorites:
 [ feet peppermint treatment and almond scent cream for hands and body = heaven! ]

 The Unexpected:
[ I'm constantly trying new facial cleansers and lately I'm into herbal teas. 
Can't wait to try these, because they seem refreshing and relaxing! ]

The versatile:
[ I don't use bath crystals, but these smell so good, I had to them somehow.
Air refreshers for my car and room!  I placed a little amount inside a fabric piece and close it with a ribbon! 
(will show a tutorial later). ]


[ Ps. I hope any follower from the East Coast is fine after Hurricane Sandy.. xx ] 
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