Turning 30: 5 tips to feel good

I turned 30 on March 11.

When I was a little girl, I thought 30 year olds were old people. When I was in high school, I believed I would be married with kids when I reached 30. Here I am, taking care of my 8-year-old daughter: Lola (who's actually a dog). When you think about it, three decades are a LOT, but not enough to feel old or stranded. 

If you are getting closer to this point of your life, here are some tips to feel great and cheerful about it:

1. Plan a big celebration.
Planning your birthday party will make you feel excited about it. After all, turning 30 is a big thing! In my case, I made a reservation with some friends at a local resort for a weekend full of beach, sun and frozen mojitos.

2. Ask your elderly.
When you complain about your age with elder people, they will laugh at you and will make you feel like your life is just blossoming. Sometimes we don't realize that being 30 is not even halfway the journey.

3. Take care of your skin.
If you start moisturizing your skin in your 20's, you will reach your 30's looking at the mirror and seeing a healthy and youthful face. I use eye-cream, vitamin serums and moisturizer twice a day. Oh! And don't forget to hydrate your body as well.

4. Count your blessings.
Make a list of all your achievements and happy moments until now. I've accomplished many things during my 20's, like my professional career, traveling to many of my bucket list destinations and being an independent and self-confident woman.

5. Change your look.
 Changing your look will make you feel fresh and eager for this new stage.

I'm ready for what's to come!!! 

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Haul: COVERGIRL Newest Makeup

Hi, Trendsetters!

COVERGIRL launched a whole new makeup line which includes face, eyes and nails products.  They sent me a selection of some and today I'm sharing with you my first impression with photos and swatches. Enjoy!

truBLEND Bronzer and Blushes
Since summer is getting closer, I was looking for a glowy bronzer and this one is dazzling. "Light Rose" and "Medium Rose" will not only add a little color to your cheeks, but also work as illuminators. "Deep Mauve" is very pigmented and creamier than the lighter ones, so you'll have to be careful when applying it.

Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Polishes
Glitter on! Beautiful neutral colors with a touch of glitter. 
Smooth application and fast dry!

Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Balms
I don't like to wear lipstick on a daily basis, I just put on some lip-balm and we are ready to go. These beauties will moisturize your lips with vitamins, adding a hint of color. Oh! and the smell is between sugar and orange!!!

truNAKED Eyeshadow Palettes

Roses: Some are matte, some are glowy.  Lovely colors.
They are a little powdery, but with a wet brush and a good blending, they will look flawless!

Nudes: I love nudes and some colors on this palette reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked palette. The darkest one is the perfect tone for a stunning smokey eye.

truNAKED Waterproof Eyeliner Duos
Hello, eye-liner lovers! Waterproof intense colors, with really good pigmentation!

truBLEND Primer (For Oily Skin)
I have combination skin, so this will be a pro for my T-zone. The only con is the smell, but the package is great and feels very velvety.

Plumpify Mascara
I'm not a fan of thick mascara brushes, but this one really plumps my lashes and I really like that is silicon, instead of a regular brush.

So there you have it!
Which one(s) would you like to try?

Until next post,
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