Inspiration: Flower-Power Summer Nights

Flower-Power Summer Nights

Caribbean = HOT.
Summers are so hot here I just want to wear shorts, fresh tops and sheer stuff all the time.  How can I make casual clothes look stylish for nigh-time?  Can I wear shorts and fresh tops for a girl's night out or a date?  OF COURSE!  I'm going to take advantage of the flower-power trend to make my looks cuter.

Styling a pair of shorts:
High-waist flower shorts are boho and chic.  With a tiny belt and a pair of boots they'll pass as a short pencil skirt, only more comfortable.

Styling the fresh top:
A denim tie top, but making sure the denim material is not that rough or tight to the body.  The best ones are the lose denim look-a-likes tops made of cotton.

Styling hair:
Any of the hairstyles I featured on my recent post: Summer-ish Hairstyles or  pair the shorts with a delicate flower crown.

Finishing touch:
Nothing more glamorous than a golden watch next to a golden braided chain.  This is the summer sensation when it comes to accessories.  It'll automatically transform any casual look into a stylish combo.

My Glam: July

 I literally screamed when I saw this month's bag.  The best one so far.  
Good sizes, useful stuff, summer-sexy products!  Here's the review...

 1. This was the less impressing item from the package.  Even though it has a great smell, there's nothing that special about it.  Great size to bring to the beach...

2. Leaves hair very shiny, but the smell is kinda strong.

3.  Once I tried Say Yes to Carrots Hair Conditioner.  I stopped using it because it was very expensive and not that easy to find at the drugstore.  These facial towelettes are refreshing and gentle to the skin, since the base is cucumber and most of us are beach-burn.  I'm actually thinking about purchasing them!

4. In my opinion, one of the highlights of this month's gift.  This is a magic marker that works as blush and lipstick.  When I saw it, I said to myself: IMPOSSIBLE!  Then I was shocked to find out it really works and how beautiful the color is.  It is more resistant than regular lipstick and has a perfect size to carry on your purse.

5.  The second highlight of the package.  I fell in love with this one!  Here's the review I made last week: [ click ].

Box Highlights:

Ps. How cute is the cosmetic bag?!



...is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Have you heard that song from No Doubt?  It's name is Hollaback Girl and it reminds me of high school!  My nails look as fun as the song itself.  This mani was made with one of the products My Glam sent me this month.  Next week I'll be posting the review of the whole My Glam package!
   The brand is from the exclusive nail color collection: Circus, by Andrea.  The name is Somersault.  I've been looking for the right yellow nail polish, but haven't find it... until now.  The color is not too bright, but you have to do at least three coats to see the real color.  The final result was perfect and everybody loves it.  I also used my favorite nail polish: Essie's Turquoise & Caicos.  I think the combination is so cute and summery.

Do you like bananas? 

I like them on cereal, with yogurt and granola, with Nutella, on banana splits and one of my favorite desserts in the whole world is banana dumplings.  I tried them for the first time at PF Changs.  

Here's a picture of my plate via Instagram:

Enjoy the weekend!



"In every girl's life there's a boy she'll never forget and a summer where it all began."


[ image source: Pinterest ]


Summer-ish Hairstyles

Last summer I wore a lot of air-dry-long-hair and a little braid on one side.  This summer, since my hair is chopped to my shoulders and have new bangs, I've been wearing a high bun the whole time.  It is a very appropriate look, since the heat is pretty high and it looks elegant or casual, doesn't matter the occasion.  I want to share some hairstyles that are summer-proved and will make you look casual and stylish at the same time.  I do highly recommend to try the bangs because now that I have mine, I could not live without them.  Bangs makes the job so much easier and they make your face look softer and framed.

1. The high bun
[My signature look this summer]
You can try between the completely clean one or the messy one. You will free and fresh.  
With so many outdoor activities, you won't have to keep your hair "under control".
 [ above: bun with bangs / below: clean bun ]
[ images sourse: Google Images ]

Me with the look:

2. Beach waves.
If you have natural waves, lucky you!  Just leave them air dry and put some anti-frizz on.
If you have straight hair, try the three-barrel curler (will show you a video-tutorial soon).
 [ images sourse: Google Images ]

3. Fishtail braid.
Day or night.  This will look great in any moment.  
Plus the boho-look is so in right now.
 [ above: me making the braid to a model / below: the result ]

4. The bandana.
You can chose between the handkerchief or simply the bandeau headband.
Wear it with any of hairstyles #1, #2 or #3.
   [ above: a friend of mine with the handkerchief /
below: me with the hair-band from Lala Lala ]

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!
My plans are to spend it by the pool, 
under the sun and inside a bikini.



Hand-Made Bandanas

Meet my latest sponsor: Diseños Lala Lala.  It is an exclusive accessories store established in 2004 at Puerto Rico.  They sell 100% hand-made headband turbans, regular headbands and even purses made with recycled disks!  What really distinguish this accessory store from the rest is that they are always working on unique/customized pieces for their clients.  Clients have the opportunity to choose textures, colors and styles. . .

 [ in the pictures: me wearing Lala Lala ]

Lala Lala Designs make international orders. If you’re interested in placing an order, you can do it through their [ facebook page ], or you can visit their local store at Tereques La Tiendita (Executive Manolo, Ave. Ponce de León, Santurce).

How was your weekend?!


Trend-ish. Icon of July: Lana del Rey

The other day I was listing to a local station while driving back home from work.  Then I heard a melodic/unique voice singing...

Blue jeans, white shirt,
Walked into the room..
You know you made my eyes burn.
It was like, James Dean, for sure.
You so fresh to death,
And sick as ca-cancer.

I was like whooaaa, this is different! When I got home I googled the song and found out her name is Elizabeth Woolridge, better known as Lana del Rey (artistic name).  This young woman is a 26-year-old singer from New York. Lana is pure art because she is such an authentic artist and also a stylish and fashion oriented celebrity.  I can describe her style as daring, vintage, ethnic and even dangerous.  Her photo-shoots scream RAWR!  Without a doubt Lana is the perfect trend-ish icon for July!

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