Recent online shoppings: ombre tights & cross necklace

I've been experimenting with various online stores recently.  Some of my recent fashion cravings were ombre tights and a tiny/gold cross chain necklace.  Both were very difficult to find and that's when my adventure for new window shopping sites began.  I found my ombre tights through Wanelo.com and it directed me to Anthropologie.com.

ombre tights:
The shipping was very fast and the package was so cute.
They are really soft, warm and comfortable.
I'll be traveling to Europe this week, so I'll make sure to do 
some outfit photos with this so you can see how it looks!

cross necklace:
I found the perfect cross necklace via Etsy.com!  I've shopped previously in this website and never had any problems with their shipping or products.  Always satisfied!

This is how it looks:

I'll be away for a while since I'm leaving my country for 18 days.
If any of you want to send me a guest post, I'll make sure to publish it while I'm away!!!
Please send to: trendishpr@gmail.com and let me know with a comment here.


love you all,


Winner: Look Cyzone 2012

[ to read in any other language, 
use the translate button on the right -> ]
 Kiara Melissa Santiago triunfa por su espontaneidad y sencillez

Luego de varios meses de búsqueda, la marca de moda, belleza y accesorios Cyzone, eligió a la joven de 21 años, Kiara Melissa Santiago Fidalgo como la chica Look Cyzone 2013 de Puerto Rico.

Kiara Melissa, residente del pueblo de Juncos y estudiante de química industrial, se distinguió del resto de las concursantes por su espontaneidad, sencillez y optimismo. La ardua labor de selección de la chica embajadora de Cyzone en Puerto Rico estuvo a cargo de: el cantautor Pedro Capó, Dafne Romero, directora de marcas de Belcorp, Yariann Adorno, chica Look Cyzone 2009 y Mariangel Velandria, representante de E! Entertainment.

Entrevistar a Pedro Capó fue uno de los retos que tuvieron que enfrentarse la veintena de chicas que llegaron a la etapa final de Look Cyzone 2013. En esta dinámica Capó simuló estar indispuesto para poner a prueba la creatividad de las concursantes y su desempeño ante las cámaras en situaciones difíciles. Entre nervios, risas y ocurrencias Kiara Melissa logró realizar con mucho éxito su entrevista a Pedro Capó.

“Es la primera vez que realizo la labor de jurado, y ha sido una experiencia encantadora. Me ha brindado la oportunidad de apoyar a la juventud puertorriqueña que se distingue por su talento, inteligencia, belleza genuina y su optimismo ante la vida”, comentó Capó.

Kiara Melissa viajará a Bogotá durante una semana para realizar sesiones de fotos y convertirse en la carátula del catálogo de Cyzone de Puerto Rico. Además, tendrá como  función principal promover la campaña Quiérete que educa sobre la autoestima de las jóvenes y orientar sobre la anorexia y la bulimia ayudando a prevenirlas.

 Entre los premios, la chica Look Cyzone recibirá $1,000 en productos Cyzone, una web a su nombre y la oportunidad de ser elegida por el público entre las restantes 12 ganadoras de Latinoamérica para conducir una edición de un programa en E! Entertainment Television.

Para más información conéctate a www.cyzone.com 


Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Christmas 2012 Wishlist

I know I'll have some of these items, but I also know I will NOT have ALL of them. This year my list is very fashion/beauty oriented, except for a touch of music. 

1. Bruno Mars new album.
I'm a big fan of Bruno and I've heard at least four songs from his new album.
His voice, his music, his talent... I gotta have that CD!!

2. Michael Kors wallet.
Ok, I really need this.  I love my Totto wallet, but I've been using it for almost two years now.  It doesn't have to be Michael Kors, but his designs are so cute.

3. Celine leather tote.
I fell in love with this bag from the first time I saw it on Pinterest.  
I especially like the orange one, but the blue one goes with jeans.  I'm pretty sure this is one of the items from my wishlist I will NOT receive, since it's  $1,497.

4. Chanel black matte nail polish.
I saw this one on TumblrThe color & texture are so unique!

5. Chain silver watch.    
I already have the golden one, but I would love to have the silver one
 for when I use silver jewelry. 

Have you made your mind for
your Christmas wishlist?



Trend-ish Icon of December: Anne Hathaway

I did not used to see Anne Hathaway as a fashion icon.  Even though her looks in the movie The Devil Wears Prada were so chic and classy, for me, her real-life-style was just very normal.  Recently, my opinion has really changed.  Since Anne chopped her hair and got this cute pixie look, it makes any outfit of hers look glamorous.  Her new haircut accentuates her dense eyebrows, her full lips and her gorgeous face shape.  This American actress has highly developed into a stylish/sophisticated/glorious fashion icon and she is, of course, the perfect trend-ish icon for this month!


[ images source: Google Images ]


Review: Lorac Blush/Bronzer Duo

 A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a new blush.  There are two things I would never leave my house without: mascara and blush.  It is my everyday makeup, very simple.  I used to have a pinky blush from Too Faced and a matte bronzer from Rimmel London.  

One day I went through my e-mail and found a great offer from Sephora: With any purchase online you get a bag filled with Sephora samples and you can choose between three options.  This was the perfect time to buy my new blush... and there it was... Pink and Bronzer, two in one!  Then brand? Lorac.  I've never try anything from Lorac, so I decided to go ahead and order.  I chose: In the Glow Kit and with the points I had in my account, I also ordered a Clinique Kit for FREE!  Not to mention other three samples you can always get when purchasing at Sephora... win!

Here's the total for my order:

And this is all I got:
[ good sample sizes and everything smells and works amazingly great! ]
[ The St. Tropez body lotion gives a beautiful soft tan to your skin 
and the Bamboo Smooth Kendi Oil leaves your hair shiny and with a tropical smell. ]

 1. Okay, this blush is the best option I could've get!!! 
2. Both colors are matte, with a minimum sparkly touch.
3. I actually place the brush on the center to get both colors and the result is dreamy.
 4. My face looks so natural, but alive at the same time.  
5. Makes my skin look creamy and soft.  
6. Long-lasting... VERY!
7. I found no cons with this product = highly recommended!

This was one of the better beauty shoppings I've done in 2012.
I don't regret anything.



Your Pinterest Personality

Do you have a Pinterest account?  I got mine like six months ago and I already have ten boards, 661 pins and 184 likes (this may change in a couple of minutes).  Yes, it is that addictive.  I think it is a way to relax, dream and get inspiredIf you have Pinterest, take a look at your profile and tell me what is your Pinterest personality.  I came to the conclusion that this social website tells a story about yourself. 
So let's play this little game!

 I am a fashionista with a lot of appetite, wishing to travel the whole world, who sometimes likes to enjoy a little guy-eye-candy, with a love for vintage stuff and style, kinda philosophic, very curious, with a lot of stress and with a big admiration for art, especially water color paintings.

What's yours?!

I love all these social websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and (of course), Facebook.  But you need to be really careful with the privacy settings and what you share in them.  It's okay to post about stuff you like, but don't go overboard and save some secrets to yourself.  My professional dream was to have my own magazine, but since I already have Trend-ish., my goal is to work as a social media manager for small businesses.  If it's related to fashion, even better!  I spend a lot of time on social websites and really enjoy the art of it.

Don't forget to leave your link!



Choosing romantic Nantucket wedding ideas

  A lot of planning goes into making a wedding special. A wedding is an occasion that calls for a lot of planning. When you browse the internet, you will come across a whole plethora of Nantucket wedding ideas. Depending on your individual choice and budget, you may go for the right wedding ideas that suit you. To begin with, good wedding invitations are important. Colors and textures need to be kept in mind when designing a wedding invitation. Also, you may want to include colorful ribbons that lend a romantic and dreamy appearance to the overall wedding.
The wedding setting is also important and for more Nantucket wedding ideas, you can speak to a wedding planner. The couple and their families have to choose the landscape which may vary from a beach, mountain top, open lawn or meadow. Lighting can also improve the overall ambience and give an aesthetic look to your wedding venue. Candlelight wedding ideas are also quite popular. You may want to choose colorful candles within tinted water. The entry of the wedding venue can be adorned with natural flowers of different colors or one can also use pastel lanterns for a more natural and aesthetic look.

The concept of including the right fabrics in the venue is also an important aspect when it comes to wedding ideas. Fabrics like organdy, voile, tulle and organza provide a dramatic look. Your wedding photographs are going to look absolutely beautiful if the right backdrop and ambience are created. Music may be either light, western rock or piano music. Even playing soft love tunes in the background will be a welcome idea. This implies that the couple has to really plan and check out so many wedding details before they settle for one particular idea. Any wedding is incomplete without flower arrangements. Different varieties of flowers like orchid, daisy, calla lily and Stephanotis may be also chosen for the wedding.

So... are you ready to get married?
I'm starting to think about some ideas 


I'd rather be in N.Y.C. (Part 2)

Hi lovelies!
The following photos tell the story of how I spent my day last Saturday @NYC...

 [ view from one of the rooms at the hotel ]
 [ walking around <3 br="br">
 [ this is N.Y. ]
 [ fashion designer: Oscar de la Renta ]
 [ fashion district ]
 [ fashion district ]
[ Parsons! this is where Project Runway is filmed ]
[ visited Hershey's store ]

[ me at Bryant Park ]
Coat: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Urbanog.com

Have a great weekend!


I'd rather be in N.Y.C. (Part 1)

I'm back from New York and ready to share some Instagram shots from my little trip last weekend!  I went with a Chinese friend of mine and a group of girls to see Big Bang's concert in Newark, New Jersey.  Big Bang is a very talented Korean music band. It was so much fun because I learned so many new things about Asian culture, like  food, drinks and, of course... fashionI really consider this adventure as a "Asian Weekend Getaway".

 [ getting closer to THE CITY of dreams ]
 [ snow everywhere ]
 [ me on the first night out ]
 [ cucumber soju shots: korean alcohol drink ]

 [ korean food: lots of vegetables & spice ]
  [ big bang concert ]
[ more soju! ]
[ rice cake & dumplings hot stew for the cold weather ]

I'll be back tomorrow to show you some 
good quality pictures of the city 
from my Nikon camera!!!

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