"Living is like tearing through a museum.  Not until later do you really start absorbing what you saw, thinking about it, looking it up in a book, and remembering - because you can't take it in all at once."
 - Audrey Hepburn
[ Photo by: Innovart Studio ]
[ In the photo: Me ]


VMA 2011: Dark Sparkles

After watching the VMA's last Sunday, I gotta say I was a little disappointed with the show.  Even though the sound/production/stage were outstanding, the performances and logistic were kinda boring, with lots of commercials.  My favorite part from the night was the Amy Winehouse tribute in which Bruno Mars did an amazing performance dedicated to Amy [ watch here ].  Now, talking about fashion, most of the outfits were dark/sparkly colors, some of them with a touch of lace.  

I'm sharing my favorites:

[ Demi Lovato ]

[ Katie Holmes ]

[ Selena Gomez ]

[ Louise Roe ]

[ Holland Roden ]

[ Victoria Justice ]
[ Images via MTV.com ]


Outfit From A Friend

I was hanging with a friend, which outfit was so cute.  I told her I had to take some pictures for my blog and she was totally excited about it.  I just loved her vintage/bohemian  look.  I think taking photos from friends of mine with nice outfits is another way to post inspirational styles!  Her name is Desiree and is my best friend's sister, so I know her since approximately 18 years ago.

High-waist shorts: Zara
Belt: Forever 21
Top: Walmart
Hat: Old Navy
Shoes: Urbanog.com 
Ring & bracelets: Charlotte Russe 
Watch: Journeys


Gray Is Fun Too!

From light purple to yellow, peach, turquoise and even orange, I was tired of using bright colors on my nails for the whole summer.  This time I tried a more fall-ish color: soft gray.  Looking on the Essie nail polish shelf at the drugstore, I picked up the weirdest color I could possibly choose and after finishing my pedi/mani I found out how cute and fun the color was.  The color is named master plan and I'm in love.

Happy Sunday!


A Crazy Week Behind

This week was chaotic!  Hurricane Irene passed though Puerto Rico between Sunday night and early Monday morning.  I didn't have power from Monday to Wednesday and that's when I realized how devoted I am to my blog.  I posted something I made on Sunday last Tuesday (with my cell phone), and yesterday I was finally able to really blog.  The weather sucked all week due to heavy rain, so people from the East Coast: get prepared cause that girl Irene is strong!

Ballerina flats.
Sometimes I don't feel like wearing stripy sandals, wedges or even less, heels.  Sometimes I just want to feel barefoot to go to the movies or go shopping.  I'm craving a simple pair of flats, like the ones above, with a color that combines with any outfit.

I could never wear a skirt this long, cause I'm short!  But I just adore this look from Cara (A Fashion Love Affair).  I like the funkiness of the shirt, the neutral colors and the uniqueness of the purse.

I want to thank Teddi for the comment that made my day yesterday:
Teddi said...
teresa ,i really like your blog! have i told you that a million times already? http://honeybeelane.blogspot.com/
Doesn't he look like John Lennon? 
I just love this band/song<3

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Review: New Makeup Stuff

I'm not really a makeup girl, but sometimes I feel like trying some products with good reviews.  This time I'm reviewing about the popular eye-lash: Maybelline Great Lash (Very Black).  Since I am so eco-friendly lately, I'm also reviewing the EcoTools Blush Brush.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

1. cute case 
2. easy to care
3. really intense black
4. makes my lashes very long

1. not that creamy
2. doesn't make my lashes fuller

Ecotools Blush Brush

1. really soft on skin
2. comes with a cute case
3. cute shape
4. eco-friendly

1. not precise
2. difficult to catch the blush
3. too big

Hope this can help when make-up shopping!


Outfit: Summer Is Not Over Yet

My best friend was staying at El Conquistador Resort for her birthday weekend.  Her sister, my boyfriend and I went to visit on Saturday and had a blast.  I was having so much fun taking pictures with my Nikon, but I'm only publishing some of them as I took almost 140!  Last Sunday was my mommy's birthday and we had a delicious lunch menu at home:  bread, broccoli soup, salad, lobster and fried plantain.  Yes, my dad is a chef wannabe. 

Sunday night we had a tropical storm named Irene at Puerto Rico, I would like to say everything is back to normal, but she left a lot of rain behind and I'm out of power.  That's why I didn't post anything yesterday, but figured out how to post from my cell phone!

[ my best friend and I ]

[ part of the gift for my mom ]

Romper: Tea & Tulips Boutique
Bag: my mom's closet
Jelly sandals & hat: Old Navy
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Happy Week!


Mini Trend-ish.

 [ some childhood pictures of me ]

 I believe that people's real personality shows in childhood.  
Then, experiences in life change how we act and see the world.
That's why we should let the child inside us live forever.


Another Week Behind

This week... who cares?  What I'm excited for is the weekend!  My mom's birthday on  Sunday and my best friend's birthday weekend!  Actually, my bestie's birthday was yesterday, but the celebration continues.  So next days are going to be kinda busy fun!

Turban headband.
I'm so attracted to anything that looks bohemian.  
This is one of the biggest craves I've had in a long time!!!

Once again, Steffy from Steffy's Pros and Cons caught my attention with this delicate outfit.  My favorite part?  Polka dots skirt and brown heeled oxfords!

Discovering new ways of using clothing and trying new hairstyles leaded to a lot of cute responses for this post.  I loved all of the awesome comments and especially the following one: 

lovemins said...
you look so beautiful! this look def suits you so well!!! :) xoxo, saskia

I had to post it, isn't Justin the sexiest man?

Have a wonderful weekend!


Organic Tote Giveaway Winner !

I'm excited to announce the winner from the cute tote worth $25 in benefit of the Y-ME Breast Cancer Association!

I want to big thank all of the entries:
1. Aliris A. Oquendo
2. Minza Siddiqui
3. Virginia Adams Roth
4. Kathleen Cahill
5. Kristy Davis
6. Shauna Starostka
7. Kathi Durst Hansen
8. Veronica Veit
9. Doriann Giusti
10. Brenda Hutson
11. Pauline Lg
12. Love Joice
13. Abbigayle (Rashae)
14. Aceituna Coqueta
15. Marina Hidalgo

& the winner is...
#10: Brenda Hutson

Enjoy your new organic tote!!!



Zooey Deschanel Is The New Girl

I was so excited when I saw the commercial for the new/refreshing Fox series: New Girl, starring Zooey Deschanel.  My favorite fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn, Lauren Conrad and... that's right, Zooey.  Did you know she was the first Trend-ish. icon on my blog? Her style is so a-ma-zing, but what I love most about Zooey is her personality.  She knows how to be girly and vintage, but at the same time she's one of the dudes and an extremely funny chick.  She is a really big inspiration for me.  
  Can't wait for September 20!

[ Images via GoogleImages ]


Review: Garnier Fructis Hair Treatments

My hair is not curly, nor straight.  The blower and flat iron abuse has lead to some soft waves that get very frizzy.  I can say I've tried almost every single anti-frizz product and they work for the first 30 15 minutes, but then the frizz is torturing me once again.

  I love Garnier Fructis products because the smell is so fresh and different.  Also, the best face cleansing wipes I've tried are the Garnier Nutri Pure Face Cleansing Wipes. I decided to try the Garnier Fructis Anti-Friz Serum and I gotta say is the best one ever.  It works so well on my hair, even though the smell is kinda strong and it feels a little bit greasy at the beginning, it goes away quickly.  My hair looks shiny and under control.

This weekend I bought the Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Shampoo and Conditioner and already used both.  Even though it doesn't leaves your hair moisturized enough, that fresh/strong smell and clean feeling is so worth it.  The conditioner brought a bonus, which was a travel size conditioner.  I just love Fructis!!!

[ travel size conditioner ]

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Outfit: FALLing Tribal

So there's nothing summer-ish about this look cause I think the outfit itself says: FALL.  It is very strange to see me wearing my hair up and a maxi skirt, but I felt so different and vintage. It is very inspiring to realize how fun it is to try new looks and not look the same all the time.  Still, my style is more hair down with a little braid, a mini-skirt and an over-sized loose blouse, but this look was comfy and sophisticated too!  Also, I'm wearing some of my faves: my tribal top and VS shoes.  If you notice my hair a little more red-ish, well I dyed it on Friday and I'm loving the color!

Top, Skirt & Earrings: GoJane.com
 Shoes: Victoria's Secret
Sunglasses: Amazon.com
[ Photos by: Chu's Photography

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happy week!


Trend-ish. On I Love Fashion News!

I'm so excited to announce that I've been featured at I <3 Fashion News!!! 


I've also discovered many amazing fashion blogs in this site.  
If you're interested in being part of I <3 Fashion News, just send an e-mail with your link to annic@ilovefashionnews.com.

Happy Sunday!


Another Week Behind

This week was kinda normal, nothing really special about it, but a lot of thinking.  You know, I'm always planning something and this week was full of new ideas!  My plans for this weekend are: to make at least one outfit shooting, go to the movies and Walgreens for beauty products shopping.

Lace skirt or shorts.
There's no better way to end the summer than to wear this skirt for a night out!
[ skirt from: GoJane ]

At first I liked this blogger's main picture @ I <3 Fashion News, cause I loved her haircut.  Then, I saw she has an amazing style and automatically had to follow!  This outfit totally caught my eye and you can check out more at: Frichic.

You all know how inspirational my readers are to me, so here's my fave comment this week for the post: DIY: Good Girl Gone Bad
YoUngLiNgToN said...
So easy to do, you don't want wasting everything, so you transform this. Good idea and it is very suitable with the little pant, so nice for a party of course !

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Press on the image above :)

Have a wonderful weekend!
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