The invisible crown we all carry on...

"The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mode but the true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives the passion that she shows. The beauty of a woman grows with the passing years."

- Audrey Hepburn

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Outfit: Sunset & Polka Dots

I heard this assymetric skirt calling my name when she was hanging in one of the Forever 21 rags.  She was waiting for me, she was the last one in size small.  I decided to wear it for the first time last weekend during my beach vacation.  I felt tropical enough with the sheerness and care-free sensation.  I paired it with a simple white top to emphasize my sun-tan.

[ didn't really used that top at the end of the night... ]

[ the actual outfit ]

Skirt & top: Forever 21 

How's your week going?


Outfit: Beach Break

Last October I spent a long weekend at my favorite city: New York.  I knew the weather was gonna be chill and I wanted to try the turban headband trend.  Never got one.  Weeks ago I saw several turbans with bright colors and fell in love with them.  I thought they were perfect for the beach.  Days before to my get-away vacation this past weekend, my mom got me a colorful oneThis was the main feature in my beach attire.


 Instagram Collage:

Bandeau top: Victoria's Secret
Bikini bottom: Zara
Top: Old Navy
Turban headband: Claire's 
Sunglasses: Express


Inspiration: Belated Spring Break

Belated Spring Break

 During Spring Break I was locked inside my room doing the last corrections to the thesis I handed out last week.  I'm finally done with my Master Degree and I'm celebrating it with a beach get-away this weekend.  Where?  Where else?  I live in the Caribbean!  I'm heading to the west coast of Puerto Rico and will be staying at Rincón.  I just hope it'll be sunny, cause the last weeks were so rainy and gray.  My plans?  To enjoy the beach and pool while being tropically stylish.  I'll be only wearing a turquoise nail polish, a bandeau bikini top, a colorful turban headband and some short jeans to cover up while I take a piña colada with good company.

Belated Spring Break by trend-ish featuring an essie nail


Puerto Rico Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Reunion

Are you a Fashion/Beauty Blogger from Puerto Rico?
Get ready to meet your local colleagues!

I'm organizing the first 
Puerto Rico Fashion/Beauty Blogger Reunion. 

[ image sourse: Google Images ]

 If you're interested and wish to be there, please send me an e-mail to trendishpr@gmail.com, so I can give you all the details!

I already have some bloggers in the list:
  1.  Nydia from A girl named Nydia
  2. Juliana from All the fashion's a stage 
  3. Aneirys from A Little Awkward 
  4. Johanna from Fashionista fuera de la ciudad
  5. Cassandra from DIY Beauty Tips 
  6. Sabina from El Beauty Spot
  7. Bedalyz from Beda's Beauty Blog
  8.  Mela from Qué está de moda en Puerto Rico
  9. Rosimar from Beauty for less... and more

See you soon,


The New Sample Box

Beauty Bar and Allure Magazine
Partner to Launch Sample Society

Do you like receiving monthly samples?
Here's a new addiction for all of us!
The premier beauty retailer, Beauty Bar, is collaborating with The Beauty Expert, Allure magazine, to introduce Sample Society—a breakthrough in beauty sampling. A members-only subscription service, Sample Society delivers the most exclusive samples of hair-care, makeup, skin-care and fragrance products plus expert information each month.

“Given the thousands of beauty products that are introduced each year, sampling just makes sense,” says Linda Wells, editor in chief of Allure. “Who can really buy all those products? Who has the time to try them all? With Sample Society, the products are edited, and the sizes are ideal for multiple uses—so you can really figure out if the product is right for you. And what I also love about it is that the box feels like a present. It offers the pleasure of discovery.”

[ March box - look at how elegant and chic it is! ]

What will the box bring each month to their members?

1. Five deluxe-size samples from premium brands such as By Terry, Dermalogica, Fekkai Advanced, and Bond No. 9. Samples are deluxe-size, meaning they are intended for more than one use, allowing customers to truly experience and test products’ efficacy. 

2. Original content written by Allure editors with each month’s samples, giving the customer relevant expert information that can optimize her experience and ultimately help her make purchase decisions.
3. A $15 gift code that can be used toward the purchase of any product from the featured brands received that month (not just the specific product sampled), meaning that each box pays for itself   
How does it sound?  
Are you willing to try Beauty Bar?

*source: Allure’s Beauty Insights
**source: Promotion Marketing Association
 Visit beautybar.com/samplesociety for more information.



Trend-ish. turns 1 year old today!

One year full of new friends, creativity, fun, writing, reading, commenting, posting and learning.  This blog is my baby and my new favorite hobby.  I want to thank all of the  readers, friends and media that have supported this project and motivated me to continue.  This is only the beginning of my dreams and all of you are a big part of it.

Thank you!


Trend-ish. icon of April: Lauren Conrad

 When I was in high school I used to watch Laguna Beach and that's when one of my biggest inspirations in fashion was born.  Because of this month's style icon I started using over-sized sunglasses and a little side braid.   She believes that for a woman to look sexy, she should chose one single part of her body to show, just one.  She has a signature chic style and is a successful fashion/business woman with her own clothing line and books.  She also showed me how to do the catty-eye look [ see here ]. Still haven't guessed?  Miss Lauren Conrad. She's in the cover of this month's Glamour issue looking as stylish and gorgeous as ever.  Can't wait to receive it.

 some Glamour pictures...
 now some street style...

I saw this book for the very first time in NYC and had to own it.

[ images via Google Images ]


My Easter eggs

My nails look like Easter eggs today.  I used pastel colors for my mani/pedi yesterday: light purple and light pink.  I just felt creative and ended up doing some cute dots to one of my nails.  Actually, this purple bottle was the first Essie nail polish I ever tried and I love the color: Lilacism.

lovely readers!

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Review: Concealer of my dreams

A couple of weeks ago my best friend called me and said: "Hey, can I stop by?  I accidentally bought a new concealer that's too dark for my skin-tone and it is too expensive to trash away... wanna try it?" I said: Of course!  Next morning I applied it and I felt like I was in a dream finding the right concealer I've been searching for years!  I always wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles because of my sinus condition and I'm always trying new concealers, hunting for the perfect one.  And the product is...

[ image source: Google Images ]

1. the best part is that it brings eye cream mixed with eye-corrector
 2. smooth/creamy/soft
 3. easy to apply, you don't even have to work hard to cover
 4. covers perfectly
 5. compact and fun to use
 6. dries quickly, no messes
 7. you feel like you are pampering your eyes instead of mistreating them



Outfit: Out of the comfort zone

You know I'm a big fan of neutral colors and classic pieces. I'm working hard on stepping out of this comfort zone and try new styles with bright colors and bold pieces.  It's funny how my simple/classy style has been modified since I started this blog almost one year ago.  That's right, Trend-ish. will be 1 year old on April 11!  I have experienced so many changes in the way I dress and have learned a lot about makeup and accessories.  I feel more daring when it comes to choosing outfits and I feel that my life has transformed into a daily runway where I can express myself with the art of fashion and beauty. 

This time I wore the new turquoise jeans I featured in [ this post ].  They were incredibly comfortable and I felt so different and Spring-ish.  I'm also in love with he new bold necklace!!!  I can't stop wearing it.

[ instagram shot ]

Jeans & Flats: Forever 21
Necklace: Veri Gaona (local boutique)
Nail Polish: Bettina's Candy - Sherbet
Tee: Old Navy
Watch: Nixon
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