Teresa is Back !

Hello lovelies!!!
I'm back from Spain and have a LOT to show you.

I just wanted to say hi and leave a preview of my trip with some pictures.  I still have a lot to unpack and organize, since my sleep hours are out of control and I'm so tired [ 5 hours behind Spain in Puerto Rico ]

Talk to you later!


Other Souls...

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls".
- Anais Nin 

[ image via Tumblr. ]


Guest Post from Elle Sees: Holiday Sparkle

Hi, everyone! I'm Elle, from Elle Sees, a lifestyle blog featuring beauty, style, and DIY. I'm so pleased to be guest posting today! With the holidays coming up, there's lots of parties and events to get excited for. Here's my choice for a spectacular sparkly holiday outfit:

  • I started off with this pink sequin tank, because what adds more pizzazz to an outfit than sequins?
  • Next, I added a fitted linen blazer, which is perfect for the chilly nights.
  • For those beauty essentials, like this lip gloss I'm loving, I chose this pink quilted clutch.
  • Every girl needs a signature scent, and Miss Dior Cherie has notes of caramel popcorn and violet!
  • Complete the outfit with a pair of fun shoes--these peeptoe feature a delicate sequin bow!


H A P P Y * T H A N K S G I V I N G ! ! !

Hello from Spain!!!

I knew I was gonna feel like this, today I'm HOMESICK!
This is the first time I'm not home in a day like this in a country that don't celebrate this holiday.  I miss my family, boyfriend and friends.  

Spain is so beautiful!  Can't wait to show you the pictures.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my lovely readers!!!


Guest Post from Serendipity Style Blog: Ways to Wear Sequin Shorts

You may not think sequin shorts are very versatile, well think again! You can wear them wherever and whenever. 
I've worn my pair to my lectures before – check out my outfit post for that here.

This post will be on ways to wear sequin shorts casually. For the rest of the looks for these shorts (smart and night-out) 
check out my blog where I will be doing a post of the rest of the looks soon!


Sequin Shorts - boohoo.com - £15 // Cream Knit Jumper – Topshop - £34

Skull Top - Topshop - £20 Knee Length Socks - Newlook - £4.99

Converse - eBay - £36.99 // Leopard Print Flats - Newlook - £15.99

‘Love’ Necklace - Forever 21 - £1.50 // Black & Gold Necklace - Forever 21 - £10.65

Black & Gold Cuff Bracelet - Forever 21- £6.65 // Tiger Ring - Forever 21 - £6.65

Thanks for reading! 


Guest Post from Mrs. Bitchface: Paris Dreams

First of all, I'd like to say that for me it's a pleasure having the opportunity of posting in this lovely blog, which I visit every day and really really love!!! I introduce myself: my name is Maria, aka Mrs. Bitchface on blogger world, you can visit me whenever you want: mrsbitchface.blogspot.com and, as I've said, want to say THANK YOU to give me this chance! So, here we go!
Paris, mon amour!!
Paris, the city of love, lights and... FASHION! There's no doubt that if you think of Paris, U think of style, fashion, outfits, CHANEL! I've been on this beautiful french city and have to say, being honest, that my expectations were higher that what I found, maybe because all that stories we've heard about the "perfect city".  Anyway, I love Paris and hope come back sooner than later!!
As we talk about fashion, and it's what we're interested in, I bring U some outfits that I'd like to wear while I walk trough Paris' streets:

Hope you like it, and hope see U in Paris, mon amour!

Hope U liked it!!!


Guest Post from Bravoe Runway: Embrace Your Style

Hi There!  
My name is Bessie and I am the writer behind Bravoe Runway.  It's a pleasure to be here today, similarly to you, I am sure you find Teresa's blog a delight to read!  I am a huge fan of fashion, whether it is casual, work, or for a soiree, I believe a woman should always look her best!

I think you will look your personal best when you know your own style, and you feel comfortable in what you are wearing.  So embrace your style, turn inspiration into your very own, and smile ever so brightly because you know you own that look, absolutely 100%.

Thank you for having me!


Inspiration: A Week of Fall/Winter in Spain

This Saturday I'll take a plane to Spain!  I'll fly to Madrid with a group of students from my masters degree in Communications and then we'll be heading to Pamplona to stay there for the entire next week.  We'll visit some companies, universities and cultural places at other cities.  This is the first time I have an 8 hour flight to the other continent, so I'm getting really nervous.  That's why my inspiration this time was a possible outfit during my trip to Spain.  The main features are the animal print scarf (which I bought from Express), the Essie gray nail polish [ see here ] and my new black coat from Victoria's Secret.  


Guest Review: Sephora Stuff

Today I'm having a guest post.  She is not a blogger, but she is my best friend since.. forever!!! Her name is Adilén, but you can call her "Ady".  Between both of us, she is the one that recommends beauty products to me.  So she went shopping to Sephora, bought a few products and I asked her to do a review/article of her new mascara and nail polish.
Here you have it!

Oh Sephora!!! They have been one of my make-up weaknesses for years. I’m always trying new products, but this time I ended up spending $19 in a Buxom Lash Blackest Black. That’s the most I’ve spent in a mascara, but I don’t totally regret it because it’s REALLY goodMy lashes look longer in seconds (and I have very small lashes), it lasts all day, and comparing with other much more expensive mascaras in Sephora this one is very big so you don’t end up paying $24 for a small tube of mascara. The downside is that it doesn’t give them much volume and for me that’s a must. My favorite mascara still is the L’Oreal Voluminous in Carbon Black and it costs almost half the price, but I’ll enjoy the Buxom while it lasts.

That day I bought a Sephora nail polish “Frankly, I don’t give A-dam” by Opi.  It was $9 and it’s the most I’ve spent in a nail polish too.  Although it’s just a grey color, the people that have seen my nails love them. The nail polish has lasted for a week which I don’t know about you girls but normally they last for like three days because they get chipped very fast.

here's a picture of my best friend [Ady] & me:
 [ images via Google Images & Sephora ]


Versace for H&M Red Carpet: Black & White

The new line for H&M was presented last week at New York City with celebrities like Blake Lively, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Selma Blair and Uma Thurman.  Guess who is the designer of the new line?  Donatella Versace!  I used to hate the fact that we don't have an H&M at Puerto Rico, but now I hate it even more.

 The predominant trends in the red(black) carpet were tights and black shoes [which is totally my style].  I'm showing my top 3 favorite outfits of the night...

[ #1: Blake Lively
I call this per-fec-tion.
The blazer is the key-piece to the elegant touch in her look.

 [ #2: Jessica Alba ]
 Sophisticated and chic.
Trendy with the sequins and also a vintage vibe in her hair, lips and shoes.

 [ #3: Jennifer Hudson ]
Playful rocker.  
The dress is girly, but the booties say: rock&roll!

Who was your favorite?

[ Images via GoogleImages ]


Outfit: Gold Sequins + Orange Lips = Eternal Marriage

I was so excited to wear my new sequin tank with my blazer, but I only got to wear the blazer for a half hour 15 minutes, since Saturday night was so hot at my country.  Either way I got to take some nice shots before going out with my air conditioner on.

 [ me being silly with my lipstick ]
There are 2 important facts about this lipstick:

1. I'm not a lipstick girl, I prefer lip-gloss.  But I just wanted to try the orange lipstick trend.  I was NOT willing to pay for a $10 or $20 lipstick I was just going to use maybe twice.  One day I found this baby for just $1.45 at a local drugstore.  Couldn't believed it and it's actually long-lasting!!!

2. I was surprised at how good this lipstick looked with my gold sequin top!  I was shining all night long.

Top: Forever 21
Blazer: JC Penney
Jeans/Bag/Cuff: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Bakers
Watch: Guess
Bracelet: Pandora

Don't forget about sending me 
your guest post for next week!
Details [ here ]

Happy Week!

Ps. Some of you asked me the brand of the lipstick... 
it is Nicka K, New York (NK).


Accepting Guest Posts !!!

Happy Saturday!

I'm accepting guest posts until November 17.
I'll be out of the country from November 19 through 27...
(details next week)!

I'll be using your posts  for that entire week.

You can send it to trendishpr@gmail.com

Thank you so much and keep having a nice weekend!


Another Week Behind

I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I work at Jenny.  This week was exhausting at work because we are re-branding the company.  Is not Jenny Craig anymore, it's Jenny!  But this weekend I'm celebrating that one of my best friends is coming to visit from Washington, DC and we are meeting somewhere for a couple of drinks and nice talk.


maroon skinny jeans.

I crave this since [ this ] inspiration post.  
Christmas are almost here, so I think this is the right moment to finally get them!


This is one of my favorite bloggers: Bessie from Bravoe Runway.
I just adore her chic/classy sense of style and this time was no exception.
She calls this look a "very simple" one and I think she totally rocked it!

   Meg's comment for [ this post ] made me laugh.  I want that job too!
Meg {henninglove} said...
wanna pepperoni? how did that clor get that name?? i think wanna avocado is more appropriate. i wish i could get a job as a nail polish caller namer!

Jenny's new ambassador: Mariah Carey!

Have a lovely weekend,


Want these shoes?

 Hi Bombshells!
First of all, I'm so excited to share with all of you the interview that the people from Smashion did to me recently!  I discovered their awesome webpage when they contacted me last week.  They are the "Ebay" for fashion stuff, cause they have sellers [ like me ] who post clothes, accessories, shoes or any other cute thing in good conditions.

 Like what you see?  

If you are a size 6, I want to let you know that I'm selling these shoes!
I love them, but they don't love me. :(
Never fitted my wide feet.
They are brand new and never been worn.
Just $20.00 
[ + $5.00 USA shipping ]

If you are interested, visit [ here ] to buy them or just let me know below.

Thank you and have a wonderful Thursday!!!


Snake Bite

My recent craving is a pair of snake-skin shoes (not real skin of course, I'm pro-animals).  I think they are so chic and especially... fierce!  I was surfing one of my favorite pages to shop online: Gojane.com.  They just have such great deals, moderate shipping costs and good quality pieces.  Never had a problem with anything and if something doesn't fit me, I can send it back.  They are also so friendly and personal with their customers.  I found some pairs of "snake skin" shoes and now I can't decide for one.  This is one of those times when I ask for my readers opinion and help before I make the mistake of buying all of them!

So, dear reader, which one is your fave?
The strap-ish first pair, the wedges or the slingback pumps?



Wanna Pepperoni?

Isn't pepperoni red? Another of the stuff I bought at H&M during the NYC visit last month (besides this bag), was  this weird-colored-nail polish named "Wanna Pepperoni".  The price was great and the color so different, so I didn't hesitate to buy it.  It is so creamy and with just one hand I was ready to go.  Now there's another way to see pepperoni.. as green nail polish! Look at how refreshing this color is:

I wanna guacamole now!


DIY: The Blazer Trend

 Are you too rushed after work to get ready for a party?  Pack a cuter top, some extra accessories, a mini-skirt and use the blazer-trend at your best convenience.  In this occasion I'm showing a very simple way to transform a work-blazer into a party-blazer with lace and pearls, for a classy/chic look.

1. change the classic work blouse for a lace, sequin or sexier top
2. leave the blazer open
3. put on extra accessories
4. place a brooch
5. fold the sleeves
6. use a colorful mini-skirt or skinny pants

 Here are a some pictures from the weekend taken with my cell phone:

I had dinner with my boy (sushi), partied with some friends, 
went shopping (where i discovered a MK store!) 
and to the movies (The Rum Diary)!

 How was your weekend?
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