Puerto Rico High Fashion Week 2012

Puerto Rico High Fashion Week (PRHFW) started last Wednesday and ended on Saturday.  I was invited to the event on Thursday and had the opportunity to enjoy the fashion shows from well-known local fashion designers such as Rubén Darío, Reinaldo Álvarez y David Antonio.  Each designer had a special theme for their collection and there was something that caught my attention from every single one of them.  Ruben's everyday-fashion with lots of lace and cute dresses accompanied by Indian sounds; Reinaldo's European and manlike pieces and David's unique and colorful combos.

Rubén Darío
Down-to-earth Fashion

Reinaldo Álvarez
Classy Paris

 David Antonio
Chic Ruffles



Recipe: Yogurt & Nutella Lasagna

I'm not the best cook.  I remember when I was in high school and was a huge fan of Food Network channel.  My favorites were Emeryl and Giada.  Even though I have tried a few simple recipes with not so good results and failed miserably, I wanted to become a chef.  I even went to visit a local college specialized in culinary arts with a group of aspiring chefs from my high-school.  They teached us how to make pastries and creme brulee.  That afternoon I went home really excited about trying, at least, the creme brulee recipe.  I did everything in the directions (I thought so), and when I get the thing out of the oven it was just a baked egg inside a cup.  That was when I decided to study something else, not born for this!

Some weeks ago I tried to do a simple recipe for dessert.  I'm a Nutella and yogurt lover.  Here's a light/quick/easy/yummy/healthy dessert if you are as bad in the kitchen as me...

You'll need:
1. Nutella
2. Greek Vanilla Yogurt
3. Strawberry Topping
4. Loose Granola

 Inside a glass, using the same order above, make layers of each ingredient.

What was your favorite dessert this summer?


Look Cyzone: 10 Year Anniversary

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Septiembre 2012 / Puerto Rico – El concurso internacional Look Cyzone cumple su primera década, brindándole a las  jóvenes entre 17 y 22 años de edad la oportunidad de mostrar qué es lo que las hace diferentes, únicas y la esencia de su personalidad.

Para participar de este concurso, que brinda exposición internacional, las interesadas tienen la oportunidad, desde el 1ero de septiembre hasta el 15 de octubre, de llenar un formulario en la página www.cyzone.com, suministrar una foto y video demostrando sus valores de juventud, autenticidad, espontaneidad, energía y diversión.

Pedro Capó se une al jurado Look Cyzone 2013

El cantautor, Pedro Capó es uno de los miembros del  jurado compuesto por expertos de la industria de la belleza y el entretenimiento que tiene a su cargo escoger, a través de entrevistas, 30 finalistas y luego en diciembre anunciar la chica ganadora que representará a Puerto Rico ante 16 países de Latinoamérica  en la ciudad de  Bogotá, Colombia.  “Me siento muy honrado de ser parte del jurado del concurso  Look  Cyzone 2013, estamos en  búsqueda de una embajadora de la marca  que tendrá como función principal promover la campaña Quiérete que educa sobre la autoestima de las jóvenes y orientar sobre la anorexia y la bulimia ayudando a prevenirlas”, señaló Capó.

“Este año el concurso Look Cyzone cumple una década de vivir historias, cumplir sueños y recordarle a las chicas que su alegría y actitud positiva son parte esencial de su personalidad.  La ciudad de Bogotá ha sido elegida anfitriona para esta edición de aniversario, en la que una vez más, las ganadoras de cada país vivirán experiencias únicas e inolvidables”, comentó Dafne Romero, directora de marcas de Belcorp.

Durante una semana, chicas de 17 países realizarán sesiones de fotos para convertirse en las protagonistas de la carátula del catálogo de Cyzone de su país y vivir una experiencia inolvidable. También recibirán $1,000 en productos Cyzone, una web a su nombre y una de ellas será elegida por el público para conducir una edición de un programa en E! Entertainment Television.

Para comenzar a vivir el sueño y celebrar los 10 años de Look Cyzone, las chicas interesadas pueden participar del concurso. Las inscripciones comienzan el 1 de septiembre y terminan el 15 de octubre. El resultado se dará a conocer el 30 de octubre.

 Para más información conéctate a www.cyzone.com


MTV VMA: Straps & Red Lips

I know this is kinda late, but I apologize because I've been having some life complications that are only making me stronger.  Trying to stay positive and entertain my mind a little writing in this blog.

Last Thursday I watched the MTV Music Awards 2012.  I don't think this was the best edition, since I wasn't that excited about any of the performers and I found it some kind of boring after the first hour.  Now, talking about the red carpet, strappy shoes and red lips were the main trends.  I'm showing you my sort-of-favorites outfits that night:

 My favorite part was the back.  Sexy, but delicate at the same time.

 Emma Watson
Our trend-ish. icon of the month looked very different and youthful with 
this unique piece from Peter Pilotto .
 Miley Cyrus
Sexyness alarm! Even though I didn't liked the Morticia-ish bottom of the gown.

 Taylor Swift
Chic/clean/asymmetrical perfection.  
Pants: the right stand-out for this kind of event.
Zoe Saldana
For some reason, the pictures didn't look as well and cute as she looked live.

[ images source: Google Images ]



Trend-ish. Icon of September: Emma Watson

I've been thinking of Emma Watson as a trend-ish fashion icon for months.  It is just that in the last minute, I decide to chose a different celebrity. This is it, one of the most chic girls in Hollywood is finally the perfect Trend-ish. icon for this month!

From Harry Potter's little Hermione to a high fashion diva, Emma is now one of the most admired trendsetters in the red carpets and street style.  For some reason, this french girl reminds me so much of Twiggy (see comparison below).  Perfect and edgy face!  I bet she can actually wear ANY hairstyle and still look divine.

Even though Emma seems kinda shy, she manages to look sexy/confident enough in her photo-shoots.  She just has a natural beauty that is very distinctive from any other woman.  Some people may look at her as a girl (same is the case with Selena Gomez), but she is already a gorgeous/stylish/grown-up/22-year-old woman.

Here are two pictures from Glamour - September 2012 Edition:
Can't wait to have it!

[ images source: Pinterest & Google Images ]


My Glam: August

This is only getting better.
Each month I got more and more surprised by My Glam. 
The color this month was definitely PINK and the theme: Endless Summer.

 Inside the box:
- Eclos Plant Based Beauty is a line of non-greasy-refreshing 
creams that are perfect to keep your face moisturized during the the hot weather.

- The Demeter roll on perfume is the right shape 
and size for the tinniest purse.  Okay smell.

- The Salty Cosmetics glitter-ish shadow is great to carry on your bag as 
well and this tone gives a glowing-alive touch to the eyes.

[ more reviews below ]
Box highlights:
 [ From the same line of July's box, this Circus bright-super-girly color is perfect for the summer closure, but I'm only wearing it on my feet, since it may be too much for work.  ]
[ I prefer matte lipstick instead of the glossy ones, but this one smells like 
bubble gum and it is irresistible. ]

How was your Labor Day weekend?!
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