Trend-ish.'s new look!

As many of you already know, I lost all the pictures from my blog last month.  
Details [ here ].  They're irretrievable, so I'm just slowly uploading the best of them to each post.  I want to thank all of those other bloggers and readers who supported me in such hard experience.  Trend-ish. is not over and is actually celebrating it's second birthday this month!  That's why a new banner and social media icons (on the right side), are up today.  The banner actually compiles photos from this blog's evolution.  Hope you guys like the new look and be ready for what's coming.

[ image via Tumblr.com ]


3 comentarios:

  1. oohh no sabía nada! lo siento mucho Tere, el cambio que le has dado al blog me gusta mucho la verdad, muchos besitos

  2. teresa, your new banner looks stellar! sorry about your photos. here's to staying strong, and going on. much luv :)

  3. sorry to hear about your loss of pictures. glad you're back and keeping up! love the new banner!

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