No stress!

Hi, people!

Today I'm sharing my top three techniques to chill every time I feel overwhelmed. I hope to give you some ideas to incorporate in your relaxation methods!

Technique #1: Yoga
I've been practicing basic yoga for a while. It helps me channel my stress, but also stretches my body before and after a long day at the office. My favorite poses are Downward Dog, Cobra, and recently, I can't stop doing the Crow pose (see below).

Do you want to try it?

Tip: Yoga could be a little dangerous, so I recommend you attend a few classes before making your own routine. 

Tip: Once you stop taking classes, you can find tons of awesome and targeted routines on YouTube.

[ yoga bra: Victoria's Secret yoga pants: Marshall's ]

Technique #2: A glass of wine
"Wine is bottled poetry"
-Robert Louis Stevenson

I typically like white wine, especially Pinot Grigio. But since it's summer, I like to have a glass of Barefoot Refresh. It tastes delicious and can be served with ice. 

Technique #3: Blogs and Pinterest
In my opinion, inspiration is the opposite to depression. How do I get inspired? Besides reading lifestyle and fashion blogs, I enjoy reading about cooking, make-up/beauty care, advertising and travel. If I feel too lazy to read or have a horrible headache, I reach out to Pinterest, where I can get inspired by the same subjects, but just by looking at gorgeous photos.

Netflix, playing with my dog, going to the beach and having a good 
conversation are also great stress relievers for me.

How do you relax?

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  1. Pues yo me relajo con Naruto, One Piece y un buen plato de helado napolitano con galletas de Avena molidas y almendra!


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