Victoria Jackson Kit Review

So this girl came to my office weeks ago, selling some cute makeup.  I'm pretty easy to convince when there's something cute in front of my eyes, so I said okay, how much?  It was, supposedly, a more than $70 value kit for just $20.  
The brand?  Victoria Jackson. 

The blush was a sparkly/light/rose color and gives your face a porcelain look when you apply it before your regular powderAt the bottom of the tube was a lose amount of this blush that can be used on your clear nail polish or, in my case, I'm using it as eye shadow.

The kit has the blush, two makeup bags, a purse mirror and four lip gloss colors with the lip brush.  I have to say it was well spend money cause I like the lighten effect that the blush gives to my face and chest, but I found a little surprise on Amazon.com... (check it out here).

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  1. the sparkles look incredible, i love when theyre small and compacted like that!

    <3 steffy
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  2. I'm very into sparkles lately too :)


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  4. I once bought a Victoria Jackson Pallette complete with a full set of make up brushes from this stall outside my grocery store 3 years ago..I dont remember how much it cost, but it was quite affordable..my mom loved it so much, I gave it to her.. Ihv never really seen or heard about it after that, thanks so much for this post!


  5. Interesting... Victoria Jackson. Hm, well, the eye shadow pigment looks good. The brush looks like it might be kind of harsh on the face. Is the blush in the brush? Like it comes out of the brush as you apply it? I don't know ha. Anyway, do they only sell it like they do Mary Kay and Avon products? I'd like to check it out! :]

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    -The BF Mashup

  6. thank you all for your comments! :)

    Alyssa - I really don't know if they sell it as Avon, but as I mentioned above, you can find them @ Amazon.com! The blush comes out of the brush when you rub your face and it's pretty gentle. It don't have much color, but leaves a rose effect with sparkles<3 kisses...

  7. Oh, sorry I missed that haha! Okay, thank you so much, Teresa!

    -The BF Mashup

  8. Thanks for the review. I always find these interesting and helpful. The products look so good :)


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