20's: Girlier Times?

If you are a girly girl, you must love the 50's style.  
If you are the girliest girl alive, then you must love the 20's! 

 [ Marion Cotillard in 'Midnight In Paris' ]

The trend is to use combat boots, boyfriend pants, oxfords & moccasins, broken jeans and over-sized shirts/blouses.  I think this trend is very chic and sexy, but in these times some people think that a woman looks sexier with less clothing.

If you take a look to 50's - 60's times (my favorites), pick-up girls were in one side and vintage/sophisticated looks were in the other.  Both were glamorous, sexy, woman-ish and girly-ish enough.  Have you take a a look at 20's styles?  Flappers, those were the sexy and sassy women.  If you look even closer, they were overdressed women that used to dance with red lips, lots of pearls, sparkly dresses and a cigar on one hand, in must cases.
Gosh! That is girly, isn't it!?

[ below: me all dressed up as a Flapper Dancer for a Halloween party ]
So, what is really sexy and girly for you?  

[ Images via GoogleImage ]

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  1. first off you look adorable in your flapper girl custom :)
    for me sexy is a quality of a woman, because anyone can bare large amounts of skin. A sexy woman is smart and confident and looks sexy no matter what she wears because whatever she wears, she owns.
    As for a girly and feminine era for me is definitely the 20's and 60's (mad men anyone?)
    ps. I think Marion Cotillard is so gorgeous!
    :) xx

  2. that's sooo true<3 thanks for sharing your opinion! xx

  3. I love the 20s....

  4. Sexy and girly is whatever make you feel your most confident. Whether thats your boyfriends sweater or a pair of heels all depends on you! :)

    Currently, I'm really loving sheer blouses and lots of lace!


  5. Love these pictures! And your flapper outfit looks great!

  6. You are such a gorgeous, beautiful girl! You look amazing. Thanks so much for your sweet words and for following me! :)

    en la moda

  7. I love those 50's!
    You look very chic:)

    ♥ Kisses ♥

    Thrill of the heel

  8. i loved her in this movie!!! and i love your 50s chic look!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. You were beautiful in that pic! Love your dress!

    I love to wear oversize shirts, but I love 20's and 60's, too! So my style is a mix of all these fabulous ages: I love it! :P

    You've said this, right?'BUT in these times some people think that a woman looks sexier with less clothing'

    I've got your own opinion! That (↑) is terrible!
    I think that a woman is very chic just with a white shirt and shorts, but never without clothes!


  10. marion cotillard is the best of that movie! she's so charming :)

  11. i've never seen that movie. fabulous halloween photos of you! i bet you had a great time.


  12. I love the 20's - sequins, fringe, red lipstick!

    You look great in those Halloween pictures!



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