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I really enjoy doing product reviews, outfits, combo-inspirations, fashion tips, nail creations and red carpet reviews... but what I love the most about blogging is writing articles from my point of view.  It's been a while since I didn't do an article because these are the hardest to prepare, since I need to do some research.

Have you ever thought of how different is fashion around the world?  Every country has their own style depending on weather and culture.  Since I started this blog, I've realize how relative fashion is.  In Puerto Rico, people dress fresh and comfortable because of the hot weather the entire year.  Even though sometimes I want to use more fashionable pieces, like coats and boots, I've come to the conclusion that you just have to take what you have and style it with originality.

[ image source: Style Picture ]

I've heard that some of the most fashion-influential countries are New York, Japan and Paris.  Americans, Asians and Europeans are segmented there. I've only visited New York (for now), and what I love the most about the city is that it is a cultural mix.  You can see people from around the world and the trend setters are not from a specific region.  The real trend-setter is THE CITY.  I bet the same happens with Japan and Paris.

Japan Street Style:
 [ image source: DeviantArt ]
Asians: I think that Asians are REALLY stylish and pay a lot of attention to trends.  Most of them are so radical with their looks that some people from other countries may not understand them. I actually think they are just not afraid of trying anything and I admire their versatility and uniqueness.

Paris Street Style
 [ image source: SaborMagazine ]
 Europeans:  Europeans are very fashionable too, but tend to be really classy (red lips and chic pieces of clothing). You can also see girls wearing high heels and impeccable make-up a random day at 8:00 a.m. (somebody that has been to Paris told me that, ha!).  Guys are elegant and like to dress in neutral colors.

New York Street Style:
[ image source: The Best Fashion Blog ]
Americans: Now, back to my side of the world, people from the USA are more easy-going with their looks and Latins like to look good and sexy all the time.  As I mentioned before, New York is full of people from different places, but I think you can differentiate locals, because they tend to have a signature look: funky and care-free, just like Carrie Bradshaw.

Now tell me about your country...
Where are you from?

How important is fashion there?

Which country would you like to visit just to 
experience a completely different style?


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  1. This was a really interesting post! I like what you said about New York, but I think I only partly agree. There is definitely a good population who tend to go more casual and bohemian, but from my experiences there, I always see people dressed in more professional attire, or sporting the latest trend ( hi-low skirts, peplum, etc. etc.). The city really does have its own unique style. ^^
    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I really like it. Hope we can keep in touch.

    ♥ x i x i a | thisisxixia.com

    1. Xixia you are right! I totally forgot about the professional attire in NYC, which is a signature look of the city as well! Thanks for your genuine comment :) xoxox

  2. Nice to see world style and how everyone brings something different. Being from NY I can tell say that their is definitely a variety of styles, classic, artsy, trendy and goth. Gotta love it!


  3. well done article teresa! you really did capture some various looks from around the world. i enjoyed this post. i like to read your fashion point of view. :) someday i hope to visit europe.

  4. I LOVE seeing fashion and styles from around the world. It's fun since it's so inspiring. =)
    I would love to visit Paris one day...it seems so artsy and modern. =)


  5. lovely post!
    follow each other?


  6. Great pictures!! I'm from Paris and honestly fashion is a bit boring here, no one has the guts to stand out, everyone looks the same!! I would love to live in London the fashion is amazing there :)


  7. These are great photos and you know I live in the US. We look to NY and CA for style inspiration.

  8. Hi Teresa, I love this post! Its so great to see fashion perspectives from different parts of the world. Even here in Safrica, each of the major cities have a completely unique style, some are trendier, some are more laid back. You're so right about how amazing Asian street style is, I picked up on that in Singapore. I also loved seeing the European style, they are all so trendy and classy. Again, awesome post hun!

  9. I love the comparison you did here. I am in San Francisco, and there is definitely a California look.


  10. I loe the paris street style, but not all europeans dress like that. Dutch and british dress horrible...


    ps. join my GIVEAWAY to catch a little ray of moonlight.

  11. I'm from Spain and I think I have all this cultures together,specially because I'm from Canary Islands hahaha I just found your blog and I think it's really great,would you like to follow each other? :)


  12. Siempre me ha interesado visitar a Japon por su cultura y por la moda. Me gustaria saber como se siente vestirse de una manera radical sin que las personas te juzguen. Asi a lo mejor tengo la oportunidad de poder desarrollar mejor mi propio estilo. Tambien me interesaria utilizar piezas que usualmente no puedo por la tipica calor puertorriqueña.


  13. I love the Paris street style!<3 In Finland fashion is a big thing, at least for young people :) I'd love to go again to for example to Italy to just to look at the amazingly stylish people! Thanks for the follow dear<3

    xoxo Eeva

  14. hola!!!

    adoro este post, es buenisimo!!! como sabes soy de España, pero ahora me voy un tiempo a Santa Fe (Nuevo Mexico), y creo que por ahi encontrare un estilo bien distinto, no se xq, me lo imagino super country, pero ya te contare en cuanto lo pise, no se si lo hare mio, lo q es seguro es que me servira como inspiracion!!

    un besitooo

  15. I totally agree! This happen to me everytime, I wish I can use more fashionable pieces, but the hot weather here is a con! My favorite fashion inspiration city is New York, its just amazing! But I can enjoy it another trendsetter city! Thanks for share it!


  16. thankyou for your lovely comment! :) you're right, every area around the world seems to have its own signature look. totally agree about European street style. always seems to be very classy, elegant and never overly-complicated or too infatuated with the latest trends!


  17. I love the effortless sexy of Paris, the originality of China,and New york is just a melting pot of fab!They are all innovative!


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