Review: Sephora Mini Shopping

 I visited Sephora last week in search of a new face powder.  I didn't know which one to choose and that's why I decided to ask one of the employees, who put me in a chair and started to apply make-up to my almost nude face.  He teached me what a primer does to the whole make-up.  It is a gel-base to make powder last longer and also absorbs oil.  I had some accumulated points in my Sephora card, so I redeemed them to get the face primer and then I bought the face powder he used: Hello Flawless from Benefit.  I loved the final result and it was a better shopping day thanks to the job he did.  My mom told me my face looked healthy and even.  Too bad I didn't take any pictures of me, meh!

1) Really good texture.
2) The color is perfect for my skin tone.
2) One brush for a natural look and a sponge to cover up imperfections.
3) Very cute case.

1) A bit expensive: $35.
2) When you use the brush it gets kinda messy because lose powder gets everywhere.

 The Primer:


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  1. Need a new powder myself. I am sick of my current one. Looks clunky. I will try this at my next visit to the store.

  2. teresa, i like how you keep it real by telling us the truth, like how it's pricey, and messy. so are you happy you got it?

  3. I am obsessed with the benefit range, I haven't tried this powered out as yet, it sounds lovely from your description. I do agree it is a little more expensive but aw the packaging is just too cute!

  4. Primer definitely makes a difference! I used to never use it but now, I can't apply my foundation without it underneath. I agree, the price on the powder was slightly pricey but if you are happy with the results it is worth it.

  5. tiene muy buena pinta!!! mi problema con los productos es q tengo la peil de ñla cara taaaan delicada q parezco porcelana, cualquier cosa me saca manchitas y granitos!!!
    Seguramente vaya a conocer Puerto Rico!! jajaja Recuerdas que te dije que una amiga mía se iba a estudiar un curso?? Yo estaré en Santa Fe, es decir, muuuuy cerquita, asi q seguro conozca tu isla y le pueda hacer un post como dios manda!!


  6. hii! great post, definitely will try some of these items. i'm following you on gfc now, please follow back? :) i think you'll like some of my outfits!


  7. Hola! A mi me encanta ir a sephora, usualmente voy y termino con un nuevo manicure lol. Deberias hacer un review del primer, yo tengo uno para mis ojos pero me gustaria conseguir uno para la cara completa ya que mi piel es bien grasosa. Tienes que hacer un pro and cons del que compraste.

    Ah y gracias por mencionar mi blog el guestpost de nydia. That was really sweet of you, it means a lot =D


  8. Ohhhh how I love this post,honey!;)

  9. I know Sephora can be expensive that's why I only shop there for the things I really do like and need. But at the end sometimes is worth the high price because you get amazing results.! Great review and tips girly.

    <3 Marina
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  10. Gracias por compartir tu experiencia, me encanta Sephora, es como entrar a una tienda de dulces, lo quieres todo! La linea Benefit me gusta mucho, pero entiendo que algunos de sus productos estan un poco costosos. Me parece fantastica tu compra y espero que la disfrutes!


  11. I love benefit's product a lot!
    And I would like to try out the primer, is that good as well? :)
    Amy x

  12. Now I wanna try it out, haha. I don't use a primer, but I guess I should start... xo ♥

  13. The box of that powder is soooo cute! I want a similar one right now! :) Would you like to follow each other?<3

    xoxo Eeva

  14. Oh I love benefit. The have such great products and are all really well made. It's actually my favourite make up brand. I haven't tried this one out yet, I'll be sure to keep a lookout.

    xx Jenee C.


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