Trend-ish icon of November: Kourtney Kardashian

 You may think Kourtney is overrated, but I just can't deny how effortlessly stylish she is.  Kourtney is my favorite among her sisters because her style (relax and classy), is more like mine.  I would wear anything she wears!  I have to admit I used to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians just to see Kourney's outfits!!! She's one of the hottest moms in the spotlight and the perfect trend-ish icon for November!


 [ images sources: Pinterest & Google Images ]


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  1. I agree! Kourtney is definitely the most stylish and she takes calculated risks in fashion and doesn't go over the top like the others. She's really impressed me with her choices recently!

  2. She's the most stylish, the most natural and down to earth between the kardashian my favorite and definitely a style icon!

  3. great looks! the peplum jacket is my fave. :)

  4. De todas ellas, me parece la que más juicio tiene. Claro, ya tiene sus niños y marido--quizás eso aporta. Dejando todos los issues de las chicas K a un lado, esta chica viste bien moderno y con gusto. Diría que refleja su forma de ser. Y que puedo decir, también soy fan del estilo de maquillaje de todas ellas, jejeje. Gracias por este post.


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