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Do you have a Pinterest account?  I got mine like six months ago and I already have ten boards, 661 pins and 184 likes (this may change in a couple of minutes).  Yes, it is that addictive.  I think it is a way to relax, dream and get inspiredIf you have Pinterest, take a look at your profile and tell me what is your Pinterest personality.  I came to the conclusion that this social website tells a story about yourself. 
So let's play this little game!

 I am a fashionista with a lot of appetite, wishing to travel the whole world, who sometimes likes to enjoy a little guy-eye-candy, with a love for vintage stuff and style, kinda philosophic, very curious, with a lot of stress and with a big admiration for art, especially water color paintings.

What's yours?!

I love all these social websites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter and (of course), Facebook.  But you need to be really careful with the privacy settings and what you share in them.  It's okay to post about stuff you like, but don't go overboard and save some secrets to yourself.  My professional dream was to have my own magazine, but since I already have Trend-ish., my goal is to work as a social media manager for small businesses.  If it's related to fashion, even better!  I spend a lot of time on social websites and really enjoy the art of it.

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6 comentarios:

  1. Hi Teresa, I am not on Pinterest but I can understand how addictive it can be. I loved your description, so beautifully written!

  2. oh i just love pinterest too.i know the feeling.

  3. no teresa, i'm not on pinterest. i've seen some really cute and inspiring stuff there, though. i just don't want another thing fighting for my time. it was definitely fun to see and read your personality analysis. :)

  4. I've been wanting to start my pinterest board but haven't gotten around to it yet but this post motivated me to bring it to the top of my list. Love your board!


  5. Hola Teresa! =)



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