Christmas 2012 Wishlist

Christmas 2012 Wishlist

I know I'll have some of these items, but I also know I will NOT have ALL of them. This year my list is very fashion/beauty oriented, except for a touch of music. 

1. Bruno Mars new album.
I'm a big fan of Bruno and I've heard at least four songs from his new album.
His voice, his music, his talent... I gotta have that CD!!

2. Michael Kors wallet.
Ok, I really need this.  I love my Totto wallet, but I've been using it for almost two years now.  It doesn't have to be Michael Kors, but his designs are so cute.

3. Celine leather tote.
I fell in love with this bag from the first time I saw it on Pinterest.  
I especially like the orange one, but the blue one goes with jeans.  I'm pretty sure this is one of the items from my wishlist I will NOT receive, since it's  $1,497.

4. Chanel black matte nail polish.
I saw this one on TumblrThe color & texture are so unique!

5. Chain silver watch.    
I already have the golden one, but I would love to have the silver one
 for when I use silver jewelry. 

Have you made your mind for
your Christmas wishlist?


5 comentarios:

  1. La cartera esta bella, lo que no esta muy bello es su precio lol
    Y en mi wishlist estaria una gran cantidad de libros y un buen viaja para new york en despedida :)

  2. Hi dear, I hope you get everything on your wish list...that bag is a stunner!

  3. havent made my list!!! loved the purse and the wallet!

  4. i've always wanted to try chanel polish! black would be my choice, too!

  5. I LOVE that tote, too! I think it was on everyone's wish list this year! ;)

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

    sorelle in style | MYHABIT GIVEAWAY


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