Shopping in Italy!

There's no specific order in my Euro-trip posts.  Today I'm just sharing some stuff I bought between Ravenna and Florence, Italy.  There were a lot of stores in both cities... everything was pretty and everything was cheap enough.  

I found the most cute and comfortable black purse in Ravenna at a store named Pimkie for only 11 euros!  Most of the stores were H&M look-a-likes, just so you get the idea.

There was this Italian man on the streets of Ravenna, 
and we thought he was very fashionable and stylish:

Florence was paradise.  There was this store named Kiko, which was just like a Mac store in the USA... only cheaper.  I got two nail polishes and a gel nail polish remover for only 8 euros!!!

 Have you been smart-shopping lately?


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  1. teresa, hooray for your trip to italy, and the new things you got. yes, my thrifted shoes are comfortable. if they weren't i wouldn't wear them. i would donate them.

  2. Wow! Finally you're here in Italy! I love florence very much, it's a really beautiful city full of art and history :) And...yeah...italian men are addicted to fashion more than in the rest of europe, I think! I think they've got a really cool style but there are even guys with a very bad sense of! :(


  3. Florencia es mi ciudad pendiente de Italia, qué fotos tan bonitas :) y que buenas compras has hecho, kiko es mi perdición, es imposible entrar y no salir llena de cositas hehe


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