Trend-ish icon of March: Jennifer Aniston

 Classy, simple, girl-next-door, elegant and neutral are just a few words to describe Jennifer Aniston's style.  She has nothing to do with extravagance, which makes her look good almost all the time.  Jennifer is a petite woman with little curves, but her style is so easy to wear for any type of body.  This California girl looks so sexy and cute all the time, doesn't matter how many years pass.  Her hair and clothing are always so neat and clean. Jennifer really knows how to rock her beach looks with wavy hair and everyday outfits when photographed in her "street styles" and knows how to look like a star in red carpets.  She makes true honor to her Hollywood nickname: "The American Sweetheart".  Lovely style, lovely personality and lovely movies she always does!  She reminds me of Spring season and that's why Jennifer is the perfect Trend-ish icon for this month!

Street Styles

Red Carpets

[ images source: Google Images ]

Do you prefer Jennifer's street styles 
or red carpets outfits?

Have a great week!


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  1. i am not a great fan of her extreme use of belts but her formal looks are very impressive.plus she is so beautiful!

  2. Hi Teresa! How have you been hun? Great feature on Jen, I appreciate her classic and chic style, she's always so well put together and it all seems so effortless!

  3. El traje de los golden globes esta bello!

  4. Glad to have you back :) Thank you for taking the time to visit, you're always so thoughtful!


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