Review: L'OREAL Ombre

Approximately two weeks ago I made a post about the possibility of buying and trying the Les Ombrés by L'OREAL Preference.  I got news: IT'S FINALLY DONE!  I tried to wait until the end of month, but just couldn't. Here's the review:

1. Everything you need is inside the box.
2. The little brush makes it easy to apply.
3. You can do it by yourself, no help needed.
4. The results are very similar to the one showed in the box 
(it all depends on your hair color base). 
5. The shampoo-conditioner inside the box it's perfect for your damaged hair.

1. Strong smell.
2. The instructions are not very clear.
3. Sometimes the substance gets stuck in the finest part of the lid.

 To be honest, this wasn't the color I was looking for, but since my base color is dark mahogany brown, it turned out ginger-ish.  At first I was a little disappointed, but since the mixture has bleach, the color is getting lighter and blonder every time I wash it.  I have to say that this product really works, it's easy to use (once you really get the complicated instructions) and leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny (unlike other bleach products).


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  1. Sinceramente pensaba que iba a ser un poco complicado hacerlo uno mismo pero te quedo muy lindo!
    Para que ir al beauty? jajajaja

  2. it looks good teresa! i wondered if that stuff actually works. :)


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