It's been a while...


5 months ago I thought it was time for me to stop blogging. I got a new job as Social Media, in which I spend 8 hours a day writing strategic content for specific clients. I was not that excited anymore about writing for my personal blog because I was already doing something I like and I needed a break from the computer during my free time. Also, the fact that weeks before that, I accidentally erased all my pictures from Blogger and lost 90% of content from a two-year-old blog was overwhelming. 

So I automatically stopped blogging.

But... I can't deal with unfinished business

 I enjoy writing as much as I enjoy eating Nutella. That's why I decided to come back and make a fresh start. Yes, you'll still read articles about style and beauty, but maybe you'll see more about LIFE

Experiences, music, food, yoga, adventures or simply... coffee.

I hope you enjoy it.


Ps. Can't wait to get in contact with the fashion gurus and friends I once made here.

Stay tuned:
- Puerto Rico High Fashion Week.
- New York City trip.

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  1. Was wondering what happened! Glad you are back...Bienvenida de regreso!



  2. Hi Teresa, happy to hear you are back to blogging, I understand how sometimes there is just no time or zest for it. Hope you are well!


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