Polen Issues

Happy Monday fashionistas!

Are you a Spring lover? Seasons do not represent a significant change in weather or nature in my country, but I have a little problem with Spring: allergies. I'm allergic to polen, fungus and dust. My eyes get puffy/watery and my face looks swollen in the mornings. But you know what? Going through this process for 28 years now, makes me just embrace it and enjoy what surrounds me. These pictures were taken in my mom's backyard. My father and brother are gardening enthusiasts and like to sow exotic flowers and spices for cooking. I moved from home five months ago and I remember that I rarely visited the backyard. Now I know that I was missing a lot!

Today I'm styling a white skater skirt, a denim top and a yellow statement necklace. I love to style any black or white piece because it is so easy. I especially love white. Why? It brightens up any look with its clean /fresh vibe. Gatsby has a variety of denim tops and chunky necklaces, so I went ahead and created the perfect Spring-dinner to Summer-night-vacation transition look. Gotta pay attention to summer, since is getting closer... finally!

Top, skirt, shoes, necklace & sunglasses: Gatsby
For more Spring looks, visit their blog: http://gatsbygirlstyle.com/


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  1. Lovee thiss, your necklace is amazing!!!! <3

  2. Hi Teresa, I am completely blown away by your outfit, you look amazing! Love the necklace. Sorry about your allergies. I appreciate that you always take the time to stop by :)


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