Walking down the street

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Hope you had an awesome & stylish Mother's Day :)

Today I'm gonna take you on a photo tour of my neighborhood. I'm currently living in Santurce: a sector of San Juan, Puerto Rico.  In my opinion, this is the place to be. Street art, good music, local culinary, small business and cultural activities happening all the time. Many young people are moving here and are building the "new Santurce", just like"the new Brooklyn" in New York City: very boho, very artsy and... fashion statements everywhere!

I saw this bared back/halter bodysuit at [ Gatsby's website ] and instantly fell in love with it. How to turn such a low-cut/sexy back into a boho look for Santurce streets on a Sunday afternoon? Here's the story:

Bodysuit, maxi skirt, jewelry and gladiator sandals: Gatsby
You can find other other boho and fun styles @ their style blog: gatsbygirlstyle.com.

How do you like to dress to take 
a walk down the street?


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  1. You look so gorgeous, love the maxi, very feminine and the cuff is stunning with it. Thanks for stopping by, I always value your opinion on my posts.

  2. i don't look this good walking down the street, lol, that's for sure! love that bodysuit...perfect for showing off a little skin :)


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