Santurce Es Ley 5

When it comes to art, fashion is always present.

My neighborhood was celebrating art this weekend: Santurce Es Ley 5. Independent artists from around the world came to San Juan, Puerto Rico to express themselves in our street walls. This was my first time attending and I'll make sure to go back next year. As I said before, fashion was somehow present in this artistic event, not only because fashion is a form of art, but because I saw, literally, vintage clothes rags and painted mannequins in some of the exhibitions.

My outfit was all about feeling comfy, so I grabbed my fave sleeveless t-shirt, paired it with my fave shorts and added my fave side purseFor the hair, no bangs. I did the twist hair crown, only on the sides.

Top and shorts: Forever 21
Sunnies: Gastby
Purse: Stone & Co.
Watch and earrings: Swatch

[ photos: Yan Torres ]

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Until next time, Trend-ish ppl!

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