This one's for the boys: Gillette BODY Review

I've been thinking about incorporating men's trends and tips on my blog for months. So keep in touch style-ish boys, because this is only the beginning!

My boyfriend tried the first razor made for men to shave their body: 
Gillette BODY.

Gillette BODY is a brand new razor, that allows men to face the challenging task of shaving their body with reliability and comfort. Its technologies and features include: 

Rounded head for greater handling and comfort.
3 moisturized strips for exceptional glide.
Slip ergonomic grip for exceptional control, even in the shower.
3 floating knives for a comfortable, close shave in some of the most sensitive parts of the male body. 
Front pivot head that easily adapts to the contours of the body.

His thoughts:
"We always look for a perfect finish and you can achieve that with the new Gillette BODY. It was a pleasant experience and I had no irritation. I highly recommend it."

His personal/cultural blog: En 3ra Persona.

Until next time, Trend-ish boys!

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