Seven Lives

Hi, trendsetters! I've been through a couple of sad experiences these past two months. It's been hard, VERY hard. But just like a cat gets back on his feet after falling from the highest tree, I am back up feeling stronger and slightly more mature.

Talking about cats, KRMA Designs have an exclusive local line called Propagandistic. This line is made for girls who are willing to wear cute and funky short skirts. They are affordable hand-made pieces and come in three different prints. For this Sunday out, I picked the fiercest one and paired it with a good attitude.

Skirt: Available at KRMA Designs
Denim top: Local boutique
Booties: Crown Vintage (DSW)
Flash tat: Tattify (Amazon)
Skull cuff: Etsy.com
Ring: Forever 21
Necklace: a gift.

[ photos: En3raPersona ]

I believe in KRMA, do you?

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