Review: Concealer of my dreams

A couple of weeks ago my best friend called me and said: "Hey, can I stop by?  I accidentally bought a new concealer that's too dark for my skin-tone and it is too expensive to trash away... wanna try it?" I said: Of course!  Next morning I applied it and I felt like I was in a dream finding the right concealer I've been searching for years!  I always wake up with puffy eyes and dark circles because of my sinus condition and I'm always trying new concealers, hunting for the perfect one.  And the product is...

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1. the best part is that it brings eye cream mixed with eye-corrector
 2. smooth/creamy/soft
 3. easy to apply, you don't even have to work hard to cover
 4. covers perfectly
 5. compact and fun to use
 6. dries quickly, no messes
 7. you feel like you are pampering your eyes instead of mistreating them


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  1. how totally awesome that you found the perfect concealer dear teresa. bonus points that it was free. :)

  2. Yo también tengo ese problema, casi siempre tengo alergia y me levanto con puffi eyes. Asi que seria una buena opción intertarla.


  3. Que bueno!!! Yo todavia no encuentro el adecuado para mi y termino pareciendo un mapache jajaja! VOy a probar esta marca para ver.. ojala sea el de mis sueños tambien ;)

  4. awesome! because it's hard finding a really good concealer.

  5. Respuestas
    1. no chica! es perfecto!!! yo lo aplico con una esponjita y queda exacto :)

  6. Such a great and detailed review gorgeous. Lo voy a comprar yo tambien tengo puffy eyes and dark circles every morning so this product sounds like right down my alley. Thx for the review doll.

    <3 Marina

  7. I wish this would happen to me and I would also accidentally find my dream concealer! It does look so perfect and you've reviewed it excellently. It's such a pity this brand isn't sold here in SA.
    P.S have a lovely Easter weekend!


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