Three simple, yet effective body grooming tips

 We only have one body so it deserves to be looked after. Whilst it is fairly easy to get out of shape and let the condition of our bodies plummet on a downhill spiral, the good news is that getting our bodies back into tip top condition need not be as difficult as we think.
Take a look at the following three simple, yet effective grooming tips to achieve a body that is in top condition:

1) Cleanse the skin with oil
A really effective way to cleanse the skin is by using oil, particularly if you are over the age of 30, a time at which your skin begins to lose its natural elasticity and begin to sag. Place a tiny drop of either sunflower or almond oil onto your face, neck and eyelids and gently rub the oil in. Leave the oil to penetrate deep into the skin for a couple of minutes then remove it with a facial sponge or damp cotton wool. 
Remember to pay attention to your hands and neck too. Skin in these areas is often neglected and can be a real giveaway of your age. Keep these areas moisturised and clean to reduce signs of ageing. 
To achieve a body that is in tip top condition, you need to give the whole of your skin the same tender loving care you give to your face. Ensure therefore that you use oil on the whole of your body and not just your face and neck. 

2) Moisturize regularly
Johnson’s Beauty body care tips will remind you of the importance of never forgetting to moisturise your skin. Whilst you should not over-moisturise your skin (this can undermine your skin’s capacity to remain taut), it’s important to moisturise the skin on your face and body daily to keep it well hydrated, soft and supple. Use a moisturiser that is specifically designed for your own personal skin type, helping you to give your natural complexion a boost. 

3) Bright eyes
Our eyes, similar to our skin, can reveal a multitude of sins. Maintaining bright eyes can help us look younger, more radiant and oozing in vibrancy and optimism. One way to achieve bright eyes, even if you’ve missed out on sleep and are feeling the effects, is to apply cold milk to your eyelids with cotton wool every morning. 


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  1. I love your tips. I rub green tea bags all over my face every morning!


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