Wedding Bouquets: Two stylish options

Here's a post to begin this week as fresh as flowers.
Are you planning a wedding or just dream of it?
I your answer is YES, then this post may be very interesting for you!  

Flowers for wedding decorations
Wedding bouquets are always used as decorations in order to symbolize the sacredness of marriage between bride and groom. The way how the bouquet smells and looks like, its color, form, choice of flowers are those things of what in a great part the reception area and good ambience depend. No marriage reception from guests is complete without a good wedding and bridal bouquet. Thus, before choosing a proper decoration for your wedding celebrating hall and especially for the bridal bouquet, you should think twice what color, flowers and amount would look the best. 

Red roses
Roses are the best flower option for any couple wishing to express love and passion to each other. Beautiful, sophisticated and elegant, the rose tends to be the most popular wedding flower. Roses have earned their popularity by being so diverse, affordable, attractive-looking and fragrant. The different rose colors often mean different things and feelings. For example, a red rose, just like shown here, represents love, a white rose means purity, and a yellow rose means friendship and caring. Many brides and wedding planners arrange table settings and boutonnieres with red roses because this very flower of this very color seems to be the most ardent and passionate out of entire range of flowers. Besides, if you have some red details on your dress, like a broom on waist for example, red rose bouquet will make your wedding gown look even more attractive and eye catching.

Tulips are usually associated with spring, joy and rebirth and symbolize hope and new beginnings. Many people don’t even know that tulips also have a long history of representing love by all means. Just like roses, various colors of tulips have different meanings. While tulips are mostly popular for pastel colors and are often associated with Easter feast, they actually have far wider choice of colors. This diversity makes it so easy and fun to choose right tulips for different beach wedding ideas just like beach wedding, or to make a tulip the core of the bridal bouquet or flower decoration for the dining table. 

Which are your favorites?
My favorite flower of all times are the tulips!

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  1. my favorite flowers are daffodils. we chose red roses at our wedding. now it seems so cliche. the ones in the photo are very pretty.

  2. Very pretty!


  3. Theres nothing that speaks more romance than red roses but the pink tulip are a very option as well. I love peonies!

  4. me gustan los dos estilos si te digo la verdad :) creo que depende mucho del vestido que lleves pero los ramos pequeños son lo que más se está viendo últimamente asi que aunque sólo sea por variar voy a decantarme por los ramos más grandes

  5. Really love this flowers too..Thanks for the tips.

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  6. The roses are more passionate and the tulips more romantic. They're both gorgeous!


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