My Glam: September

This is one of my least favorite boxes since I got MyGlam.  The cosmetic bag is strong and elegant, but the contents inside didn't impress me as much as the past months.  One of the reasons may be that I don't get impress by small-sized products and that I don't like lip-gloss (especially pink).

Inside the box:
1. Circus Nail Polish
2. Mirabella eye-shadow
3. Jane Lip-gloss
4. MONOI Repairing split and sealer
5. London Soho New York Smudge Brush

Box highlights:
[ I ADORE hair products, so this is definitely a plus.  
The smell is deliciously warm and makes my ends look shiny. ]

[ This matches my cosmetic bag because they are the same brand.
I can't stop using it.  It makes it so easy applying light to my eyes in the mornings.
Soft, big and cute! ]

[ It looks like pink, but the real color is intensely purple.
I'm not a fan of this color, but now I have the entire Circus collection! ]


5 comentarios:

  1. Hi Teresa, how have you been, the circus nail colour does look really stunning in the bottle, would love to see it worn.

  2. P.S just read your comment now, thanks so much for your insight on fashion week. happy Friday!

  3. teresa, my friend recently bought me some nail polish in that exact shade of pink. ;)

  4. if anything the colors are nice! maybe next time!

  5. ay ya extranaba tus posts!!! como esta todo?? espero q bien!!! me encanto el color!!!



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