Every girl deserves a crown

We go trough so much physical/emotional pain... 

We cry when we are furious and when we feel undervalued

We have a monthly period

We have to defend the fact that we are modern women and 
we are no longer the weaker sex. We have to fight. 

We have to get rid of almost every single hair in our body and 
some of those procedures are really painful, VERY painful. 

We have to go to the gynecologist and 
I don't have to do more explanation in this matter, right? 

This is my favorite: we give birth

We have to worry about innumerable 
things, more than any man could imagine. 

We are born queens, princesses, super women... 
even though our circumstances, languages and believes and are not always the same. 

We are born prepared for anything

We deserve a crown... even if it's a flower one.

Today I'm talking about the flower crown trend and you know how much I like boho-chic style. This is a blue flower crown a very good friend of mine made for me, approximately a year ago. I wore it yesterday for Easter Day!

Blue kimono and black tank top: Forever 21
Necklace: Valija

where is your crown?

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  1. Me encanta este look!!!! Hermosaa



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