How to protect your hair from oxidation?

What is your most cherished body part? For me... my hair. That's why I wanna take care of it and protect it as much as I can. 

I wash my hair every single day. I know! That's not so healthy. But my hair is greasy-ish and I just like that cleanliness/aromatic/freedom sensation of having my hair freshly washed and wet. Why is it so bad to wash our hair everyday? The water. Why? You need to read this!

Oxidation is in the environment, the UV, our hair treatments and even dye products. I was recently informed about a discovery from Pantene experts: they found copper in the water. Yes, copper. Yeah, the same water in which we shower and... wash our hair! 

Pantene also found out that copper affects the proteins and it weakens the fibers in our hair. That's why they have a new collection called "Damage Detox".  It is a system of total welfare hair - shampoo that deep cleans and purifies to twice (2x) more antioxidants in its formula. It also helps remove copper accumulation, reduces oxidative damage and preserves the vital hair protein structure. When using this system of shampoo and conditioner, hair is revitalized 4 times (4x) the level of hair damage prevention. "Damage Detox" is designed for women who need a high level of damage repair. It is the first shampoo system, conditioner and Pantene detoxifying treatment that removes impurities, protects against oxidative damage and provides shine .

Pantene launches new four-step system, NEW 4 -part "Damage Detox Wellness System", which not only deep cleans and detoxifies, but also provides hydration and nutrition that hair needs. Furthermore, strengthens and protects the strands from damage, helping to protect the integrity of the hair over time and recover from damage. 

Guess who's trying these babies?  That is correct!!!  And, of course, I will be back with the review.

Now, tell me about that cherished body part of yours and how do you take care of it! :)


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