Review: Pantene Damage Detox & Deep Cleanse

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Your hair does not enjoy your summer adventures as much as you do. Pool, sun and salty water added to the daily toxins everywhere, can cause a lot of damage to one of the most precious and notable parts of your body.

This time I'm reviewing a product I talked to you about some weeks ago [ post here ]. I've been using it for more than a month and have already seen the results.

Deep Cleanse Shampoo and Conditioner:

At first I thought it was making my hair look dull and wanted to go back to the one I tried before, but as I kept using it day by day, I discovered the damage repair was a long-term process. I noticed it was regaining strength and was definitely starting to look healthier and stronger. It felt like giving my hair a boost of proteins and vitamins with each wash.

Weekly Deep Cleanse Shampoo:

Pros, pros and more pros! This shampoo makes my hair feel so weightless and deeply clean... totally/absolutely clean. So fresh you'll wanna wash it every day, even though you can't, because this one is made to use once a week.

Weekly Rehab Cream:

I guess the Weekly Deep Cleanse Shampoo works so roughly on your hair, you have to use this intensive conditioner treatment so you don't lose shine. It's the perfect combination with the weekly shampoo!

You can take a look at my actual hair in [ this post ].

Are you ready to detox your hair this summer?



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